Luxury lingerie and sexual wellness brand Coco de Mer has opened an appointment-only private shopping space in Primrose Hill.

The global firm, which celebrates the power of female pleasure, has moved its headquarters to Gloucester Avenue, including a softly-lit boudoir where customers can choose underwear, designer sex toys, leather bondage, and sensual body products.

Clients are greeted by a drink and enter an elegant space with Murano glass chandeliers and deep red velvet sofas where a brand expert takes them through the collection, offering personal fittings and recommendations.

CEO and owner Lucy Litwack said they closed their Covent Garden boutique to offer a "more personal and exclusive experience".

Ham & High: The VIP private shopping space at Coco de Mer in Primrose Hill.The VIP private shopping space at Coco de Mer in Primrose Hill. (Image: Coco de Mer)

"It's hard to sell really intimate products when you have a shop with people walking in and out, and it was missing that personal service where people can talk about their life and relationships, and find the right product for them," she said.

"We have created a pocket of pleasure in Primrose Hill where we can really give that one to one service. I wanted to provide a fittingly tactile experience and a sensory wonderland."

Coco de Mer was created in 2001 by Sam Roddick, the daughter of Body Shop founder Anita who sold it in 2011. Litwack, who previously worked at Victoria's Secret and for David Beckham on his underwear range, arrived as CEO in 2014 then staged a buy out in 2017. The move to Primrose Hill now brings their design, marketing, growing online and wholesale business under one roof.

Ham & High: Coco de Mer CEO and owner Lucy Litwack grew up in West Hampstead and now lives in St John's Wood.Coco de Mer CEO and owner Lucy Litwack grew up in West Hampstead and now lives in St John's Wood. (Image: Coco de Mer)

"Sam was revolutionary when she started selling those products at the luxury end on the High Street, and also in shining a light on the importance of female pleasure," says Litwack.

"I fell in love with the brand because it felt different and really special. I loved how female focused it, was with an all-female team and more of a female gaze that's about comfort, empowering women, and dressing for yourself."

The 48-year-old said lingerie and sex shops previously focused on male pleasure and the male gaze. Instead of "tacky scratchy red lace" and penis-shaped sex toys, Coco de Mer products are designed with the "touch and feel" that women like - using soft silicon, and sensual fabric.

"Male pleasure is such a normal part of life and for a long time women's pleasure was the last taboo - never spoken about. Those taboos are starting to go away, conversations are being had, and sexual wellness is less stigmatised.

"Twenty years ago sex toys were taboo, just for lonely women who couldn't get a man, but today that's completely turned on its head. It's about fun and about pleasure."Ham & High: Products like the Hera bodysuit are designed with women in mindProducts like the Hera bodysuit are designed with women in mind (Image: Coco de Mer)

The St John's Wood resident grew up in West Hampstead and used to help out in her parents' Marylebone High Street jewellery shop Alexandrov. She wants to keep that personal neighbourhood connection with customers.

"I went to South Hampstead High School, spent my teenage years in Hampstead, and it's nice being back in my neighbourhood. I love Primrose Hill it's a gorgeous area that's so green and beautiful."

While Coco de Mer creates and curates products aimed at womens' sexuality, Litwack insists they are inclusive.

"It really is about pleasure for everyone - living the life you want that gives you pleasure. We have lots of different customers trans, male customers who like to wear women's underwear, lesbian couples, men shopping for women, and couples buying together. We hope it's a space that's non judgmental and empowering, that makes you feel special but also safe, where you can talk about anything and find what's right for you."

She added that clients range in age from their early 20s to 80.

"Women have different changes throughout their life; pregnancy, having children, menopause and divorce that affect them emotionally, and their sex life is a huge part of that. Some come to us maybe just divorced after 30 years of marriage, the last time they were single the world was a very diferent place. We help them get through that and reconnect with themselves."

Coco de Mer appointments are available for individuals, couples and small groups via email or call 020 4559 9855.