London is preparing to welcome Pulp to Finsbury Park this weekend for the first time in 25 years. 

With the concert just around the corner, ticket holders should be aware of what they can't bring into the park on Saturday, July 1. 

To get full advice and detailed information on all prohibited items and regulations head to the Festival Republic website

You can also find out all the information you need ahead of the show via our explainer here.

Pulp Finsbury Park banned items

These are all the items which are prohibited from Finsbury Park

  • All gas canisters of any size (including nitrous oxide)
  • Animals (other than registered hearing dogs or guide dogs)
  • Any goods for unauthorised trading with unauthorised logos
  • Anything that could reasonably be considered for use as a weapon including oversized lighters or any item which may cause danger, offence or disruption to any other person

  • Bags larger than A4 size
  • Balloons
  • Blowtorches
  • Catapults
  • Cooking apparatus/cutlery
  • Cool bags/boxes (large)
  • Face covering(s) or balaclavas
  • Flags with poles
  • Food (small amounts for personal consumption permitted)
  • Gas cylinders/canisters
  • Gazebos and parasols
  • Glass bottles, jars, and containers (including glass makeup and perfume bottles)
  • Illegal Substances (drugs) and legal highs, herbal highs, new psychoactive substances and unidentifiable substances - including Nitrous Oxide
  • Laser pens
  • Liquids, gels or lotions (over 100ml)
  • Penknives
  • Perfume and makeup (over 100ml)
  • Professional cameras including professional camera equipment (e.g., camera stand, lenses, and selfie sticks)

  • Selfie sticks
  • Sound systems (including personal speakers)
  • Unauthorised professional film or video equipment, radios or walkie talkies
  • Unauthorized solicitation or marketing materials (e.g., handbills, flyers, stickers)
  • Unofficial tabards and reflective/high-vis jackets
  • Weapons
  • Aerosols over 250ml
  • Air Horns/megaphones
  • Alcohol
  • Audio recorders
  • Cans
  • Chairs/stools/inflatable loungers/floor seating/shooting sticks
  • Chinese/sky lanterns/paper lanterns
  • Clothing/garments/items which promote cultural appropriation
  • Drinks of any size (sealed or unsealed)
  • Drones and other flying devices
  • Excessive amounts of food (i.e. more than for personal consumption)
  • Fireworks/pyrotechnics, flares/distress flares
  • Megaphones

Ham & High: See What's On.See What's On. (Image: Newsquest)

  • Nitrous oxide and any items associated with the taking of NPS and NOS (including but not limited to balloons, whipped cream dispensers, water crackers/CO2 dispensers)
  • Portable laser equipment and pens
  • Skateboards and rollerblades, hover-boards, scooters, bicycles, and other personal motorized and non-motorized vehicles
  • Spray cans
  • Umbrellas (small/folding umbrellas are permitted)

Pulp at Finsbury Park bag policy

Finsbury Park prohibits any ticket holders from bringing any bags into the park unless it adheres to the venue's regulation.

If you have a bag that is non-compliant you will be refused entry.

All bags are checked at an outdoor cordon and for any dispute of size, a bag gauge will be used so it's best to keep bags small.

The most important rule to follow is that bags must be no larger than an A4 piece of paper.