There's a change of florists in Highgate as The Real Flower Company moves in - specialising in fragrant English roses, herbs and sweetpeas.

The brand has just opened in Swain's Lane replacing another florist, the Electric Daisy Flower Farm, which opened in 2020 during the pandemic.

Founded by Rosebie Morton, the company already has a shop in Parsons Green, selling seasonal plants, delivering ethical farm-grown flowers, and catering for weddings.

Ham & High: The interior of the new florist on Swain's Lane.The interior of the new florist on Swain's Lane. (Image: The Real Flower Company)

Rosebie said the previous florist moved out due to personal circumstances and the distance from their farm, rather than commercial issues.

"We were approached back in 2019 but had just opened our first shop and the timing wasn't right, but Highgate is such a great place and the local people seem fantastic. It's so leafy you don't feel as though you are in London but in a rather lovely rural town," she said.

"The previous owner didn't leave because of it failing. It's a long way for them, while we already have a shop in London and supply Covent Garden. They have done such a good job, we are not changing the inside, just painting outside with a new sign."

It was an achingly trendy display of tulips, upside down in a vase, that inspired Rosebie to found her company in 1995, selling scented roses from the walled garden of her Hampshire family farm. She now produces 150 different flowers, foliage and herbs grown on hers and another sustainable farm.

Ham & High: A display at the new florist in Swain's Lane which opened on June 10.A display at the new florist in Swain's Lane which opened on June 10. (Image: Courtesy of The Real Flower Company)

"That's what really did it for me," she said. "It was cool and trendy, but I thought 'if this is what we have got to, I am losing the will to live'.

"I come from a horticultural family and grew up with a huge array of flowers with character and scent. Frustrated by the lack of character in flower shops, my mission was to bring that back to floristry, with next day delivery of beautiful flower boxes.

"Scented garden roses and sweetpeas are very wilful and difficult to grow, but have the most amazing character. They are not going to be perfect, there is an odd blemish, but our roses open beautifully. When we sell at markets you hear people say 'it smells like my grandmother's garden' and when they open a box, the scent hits them and they are transported back to childhood."

Despite her successful e-business, Rosebie says there is "nothing like having a physical presence".

"It's important to be out there talking to customers. The flowers do the talking and people love the scent - you can't get that online. When they see our florist they say 'Oh my God, a proper flower shop!'"

With a flower of the week for £21, the company has arrangements to suit every pocket.

Rosebie added: "Of course I am worried about the cost of living, everyone is worried, but there is always going to be a place for flowers. They are such an uplift when you are feeling low."

The Real Flower Company is now open at 3, Swains Lane, Highgate.