Traffic restrictions blamed for "massively" increasing congestion will be made permanent after getting enough support to be continued.

The Camden Square Area Safe and Healthy Streets scheme was first implemented as an 18-month trial in December 2021.

The restrictions, which aimed to prevent non-local traffic driving through the area, were made permanent today (May 31) by Cllr Adam Harrison, the cabinet member for a sustainable Camden.

A consultation on the scheme took place earlier this year. During this period, 50% of respondents who gave a postcode within the consultation area said they agreed with the traffic bans.

These include restrictions in Murray Street, Murray Mews, North Villas, Cantelowes Road and Camden Mews.

The scheme also implements a cycle lane which forms part of cycleway 50, connecting Camden and Finsbury Park.

A total of 61.1% of respondents to Camden Council’s consultation who gave a postcode within the area said that they supported the cycle route proposals.

During the 18-month trial period for the scheme, residents were able to comment on the impacts of the changes.

One person said: "This scheme has massively increased the traffic, tailbacks and traffic at a standstill in Camden Park Road, while Camden Square and Murray Street are deserted."

But Camden Council data showed that motor vehicle use fell on local streets by 54%, and on main roads by 17%. Cycling on local streets was also found to have increased by 11%.

Another resident complained: "It is not helpful that the restrictions apply to resident motorists who already pay to park near their own house.

“The restrictions mean that I have to use more petrol, create more local air pollution."

But some praised the scheme, with one respondent commenting: “Traffic levels in the Camden Square area have reduced remarkably since the LTN was introduced, to the point where it is now a pleasure to walk around the streets, breathe fresh air and not have to listen to noisy traffic.

“The scheme is an undoubted success.”

Camden Council says it will now make some changes to the scheme in response to feedback.

These include replacing temporary wands along cycleway 50 with a raised cycle track.

Cllr Adam Harrison told Ham and High that he was “pleased” the majority of respondents supported the measures.

He also highlighted new additions to the scheme, including tree planting, cycle hangars, and the greening of Rousden Street.