A dad who racially abused and attacked a Transport for London staff member at a London Underground station has been jailed. 

Trae Robertson, 28, appeared at Inner London Crown Court on Wednesday (May 24) after he pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm. 

The incident took place on May 9 last year at Kings Cross St Pancras Underground Station and the victim was a TfL staff member who was on his way home after a shift. 

“Mr Robertson, for reasons unknown, decided to follow the victim. Mr Robertson called the victim a ‘paki’ and threatened to assault him multiple times,” prosecutor Claire Langevad told the court. 

The incident drew the attention of staff at the station but Robertson continued to threaten the victim, the court heard. 

Robertson then threw a glass bottle at the victim, missing him, before throwing a second bottle which smashed on the victim’s head. 

The bottle caused deep lacerations to his head and neck which were 3 and 5 inches in length, the court heard. 

British Transport Police (BTP) officers attended and Robertson was tracked down and arrested based on the description given by the victim. 

Robertson gave a no comment interview to police but entered a guilty plea in court. 

The victim said the incident left him scared and he suffered from nightmares. As a zero-hours contract worker he said he suffered financially as he was unable to work for weeks. 

The judge, Mr Recorder Wood, said of Robertson’s previous convictions: “It’s an appalling record including a number of robberies, minor violence and a vast number of dishonesty offences, but nothing approaching this level of violence.” 

Jonathan Green, defence counsel for Robertson, said a letter his client wrote in mitigation was the best written letter by a defendant he’s ever seen. Mr Recorder Wood agreed. 

“Mr Robertson describes himself as the dumbest smart guy you’re ever going to meet,” Mr Green said. “He’s somebody with potential to make a great positive contribution to society.” 

The court heard that Robertson’s "appalling” upbringing led to offending from an early age. 

The letter written by Robertson said: “I cannot take back the injuries I inflicted or the trauma that came hand in hand, but I would like the victim to know how sorry I am. But a mere apology can never suffice, as a victim of violence in the past I know sorry is never enough.” 

Robertson has a young daughter and a partner who has stuck by him despite his offending. 

Mr Green said: “He’s missing out on a great deal of special moments, and this has had a big impact on him and he’s determined to change. So there is hope for Mr Robertson.” 

Mr Recorder Wood sentenced Robertson, who has no fixed address, to three years and four months in custody. 

He told Robertson: “Your partner is a saint. You now have a young daughter. You’re not going to do her much good as a father if you keep committing offences and ending up in prison.” 

BTP Inspector Neil McGrath said: “This was an abhorrent attack during which Robertson subjected the victim to an onslaught of abuse before showing his true colours as a violent individual. 

 “There is simply no place on the rail network for offenders who display violence in this way, and I am pleased our investigation has resulted in Robertson spending his immediate future behind bars. 

 “If you witness anyone showing aggression towards other passengers or staff on the railway, we want to hear about it. You can report incidents to us by texting 61016 or, in an emergency, calling 999.”