Zoom Rockman's interactive 'Jewish Hall of Fame' has opened with visitors cranking handles to hear Daniel Radcliffe summoning a candyfloss spell, or Claudia Winkelman praising the 'fringe benefits' of hair bobbles.

The Crouch End-raised artist has created 10 celebrity 'automata' with several, including Stephen Fry, David Baddiel, Maureen Lipman and Sir Alan Sugar, recording audio clips of comic lines for the show.

The 22-year-old imagines each of these British-Jewish icons running a seaside stall, with 'Mystic Maureen' telling fortunes, Sir Alan firing you from his Beigel shop, and Nigella selling 'Heimishe Hot Dogs'.

Ham & High: Zoom casts Daniel Radcliffe running a candyfloss stall in his Jewish Hall of FameZoom casts Daniel Radcliffe running a candyfloss stall in his Jewish Hall of Fame (Image: Jeff Moore)

"I've given Daniel Radcliffe the candyfloss stall as it means he can say 'Expecto Flossiamus' and move the stick in the same stance as he holds his wand in the Harry Potter films," said Zoom

Fry, whose automaton runs a Fossil store, said: "As someone who usually expects to be inaugurated into halls of shame, it is quite something to think of myself in the Zoom Rockman hall. But truly it's an honour of which I am dizzyingly proud."

Hampstead author and comedian David Baddiel runs a beach ball stall, Hampstead Garden Suburb comedian Sacha Baron Cohen is offering selfies with him as Moses parting the Red Sea, and the life-size puppet of Camden singer Amy Winehouse comes with a choice of three songs to perform - with special permission given by her family.

Meanwhile Lioness Alex Scott comments on a football game while wearing the One Love armband.

Ham & High: Claudia Winkelman is running a stall selling hair bobblesClaudia Winkelman is running a stall selling hair bobbles (Image: Jeff Moore)

Zoom, who became the youngest ever contributor to The Beano at 12 and Private Eye at 16, said: "I first started putting drawing and stories together when I was eight - I didn't know you could do that until I bought my first Beano in a car boot sale.

"This is like an interactive or live action comic. I noticed on social media that people don't react to still images, but love them when they are dancing and moving about. I thought if they can be the one that's causing the images to move about that will really grab the attention."

Ham & High: Zoom with his Alan Sugar automatonZoom with his Alan Sugar automaton (Image: Jeff Moore)

"I wanted to let the public have the experience of turning the handle and bringing these things to life."

Inspired by pre-cinema moving images like magic lanterns, Zoom devised the mechanism of a handle that turns cogs and makes the talking heads move their mouths and faces in time to the audio - or in Winkelman's case make her fringe bob up and down.

He wanted to celebrate British Jewish icons from "a range of different industries and areas," but has added a wall of 2D portraits of international Jewish heroes, ranging from Bob Dylan and Dr Spock, to President Zelensky, Krusty the Clown, and Jesus.

Ham & High: The exhibition at JW3 in Hampstead includes a wall of international Jewish icons such as President ZelenskyThe exhibition at JW3 in Hampstead includes a wall of international Jewish icons such as President Zelensky (Image: Zoom Rockman)

"People kept suggesting more people for my hall of fame, so I decided to do 100 portraits," says Zoom, who graduated from Central Saint Mrtins last year with a first in Graphic Design.

He has also created a Limited Edition comic as an exhibition guide that includes a badge and cut out Amy Winehouse puppet. After three months at JW3 in Finchley Road, he hopes to take the immersive exhibition on the road around the UK, and even the US.

"This is my home area. It's nice to have it here, but if we end up touring to the US it means I can have American celebrities like Bryan Cranston selling Cranston's Crystals."

Ham & High: TV chef Nigella Lawson is selling hot dogsTV chef Nigella Lawson is selling hot dogs (Image: Jeff Moore)

Zoom Rockman's Jewish Hall of Fame runs until September 3. Timed slots can be booked for £6 and there are two children's Paper Puppet workshops with Zoom on May 28.