Temporary fencing blocking off Primrose Hill at night was destroyed just days after plans were announced to replace it with permanent gates.

The damage to the Heras fencing around the park on Friday night (May 19) is just of many instances where people have broken through the restricted park to access the viewpoint during curfew hours.

Primrose Hill is closed off to the public from 10pm until 6am the following morning on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – as well as particular event days such as Bonfire Night, Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

The Royal Parks first implemented such restrictions during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic in April 2020 to prevent night gatherings and anti-social behaviour, but the measures have been brought back to stop revellers gathering at night.

Ham & High: The view from Primrose Hill (Image: Joseph Reaidi)The view from Primrose Hill (Image: Joseph Reaidi) (Image: Joseph Reaidi)

Images show the Heras fencing bent in half yesterday morning after it was damaged.

Jenny McCririck, widow of racing pundit John McCririck, has said “enough is enough” after seeing a rise of issues occur in the Primrose Hill area over the last few years.

She told the Ham&High: “You’ve got people with a boombox, and you could hear the noise everywhere. But who’s going to stop them because there’s nobody here?”

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After hearing of other issues such as drug dealing and general anti-social behaviour, she says that Royal Parks police and the Metropolitan Police are “stretched” and more surveillance is needed to stop people misbehaving in the park.

Ham & High: Temporary fencing was pushed aside weeks ago. Credit: Joseph ReaidiTemporary fencing was pushed aside weeks ago. Credit: Joseph Reaidi (Image: Joseph Reaidi)

The Primrose Hill resident says she is in favour of The Royal Parks pushing for permanent fixtures following a consultation last year.

Plans will soon be submitted for permanent gates at the park, as The Royal Parks called the current fences “unsightly” and saying it “detracts from this important Grade II-listed landscape”.

A Royal Parks spokesperson said: “There have been very strong views on both sides of the debate between those who wish to see the park locked at night and those who wish to keep it open. It is, however, incumbent on the Royal Parks to take a balanced and proportionate decision, which it has now done.”