If you have ever tried to explain how to use the London Underground to someone that's not familiar with the network and they're struggled to understand, then look no further. 

A TikTok has gone viral with its simple yet hilarious explanation of how to use the service. 

It features tips such as making sure you stick to the right side of the escalator and making sure that you are ready with payment in hand at the gates. 

The video created by the user @PhilC84 is titled 'An American's Guide To The London Underground' and has over 100K views and over 800 comments. 

WATCH: Hilarious TikTok guide to the London Underground

@philc84 A handy guide to the #londonunderground #london for our #american friends. Sponsored by Manscaped. #learnontiktok #usa #tourism #britishhumour ♬ original sound - Phil

At the start, the creator takes a joking dig at American terms, saying: "Here's a few handy tips on how to get around on our Underground or, as you call it, Subway - give me strength."

Later explaining the importance of standing on the right side of the escalator he said: "For goodness sake, stand on the right of the escalator. The left is for walking on. If you mess up this perfect system then any idea you have of British politeness will be quickly forgotten."

@PhilC84 also mentions the tube's famous map that is a handy tool for any traveller no matter how often they use the service. 

He said: "Be aware it is not geographically accurate - it was designed to be easy to read."

He also mentions the night tube, claiming that it was "put in place to make black cab drivers scared and angry before they released they already are."

As many regular tube travellers will know, the underground can get very hot in the warmer months, seeing @PhilC84 explain the giant fans located in some stations. 

Ham & High:

He added: "It can get unbelievably hot on the London Underground. Transport for London fitted these bad boys to move the hot air around. You're better off praying to Boreas, the god of winter."

Moving on to arguably the most important rule on the network, the TikTokker jokes that you should be quiet on the tube unless late at night:

"We are simple people who like to travel in silence. It's not that we don't want to talk or listen to you; we don't want to talk or listen to anybody. So please respect us as a city."

Viewers were quick to agree and even add some more handy tips as one user said: "Be prepared to avoid making eye contact with anyone. Ever."

Whilst another added: "Keep your earbuds in and your head down. Only acceptable conversation is to say 'sorry' 20 times as you bump into people."

Others thanked @PhilC84 as one said: "As a New Yorker I can appreciate your rules."