A fruit juice brand is hoping to lighten up the Thursday commute by installing a giant bed at King’s Cross Station.

But instead of grabbing an extra 50 winks, Tropicana is urging adults to bounce on the bed tomorrow (April 6) to “spark some childlike optimism” in heel-dragging workers.

The ‘Be More Kid’ campaign is part of the release of two new flavours of Tropicana juice – strawberry and banana, and pineapple and pink guava crush.

Bed bouncers and other commuters will be offered a complimentary taste of the smoothie-inspired strawberry and banana juice.

Tropicana said that it had commissioned research that revealed that more than half (56%) of Brits feel they have lost their sense of fun with age, and that engaging in childlike fun made adults feel happy (56%) and carefree (44%).

The bouncy bed installation was said to encourage Londoners “to embrace their inner child by jumping into their day with the same carefree attitude kids enjoy first thing in the morning”.

It will be in place at King’s Cross station from 8am until 4pm.

Tropicana warned that only “straight-legged” jumps will be allowed.

The brand’s two new juice products are available at Sainsbury’s nationwide, priced from £3.25 for a 850ml bottle.