There were delays on some train services through St Pancras station this morning (March 27) after a dog was spotted on the tracks.

According to a spokesperson for Thameslink, the "small dog" was found shortly before 10.30am and reunited with its owner.

The owner of the dog had asked staff for help after the tracking device in its collar showed it was somewhere at the station.

With the help of platform staff, the owner was eventually able to find their dog hiding beside the track. 

A Thameslink spokesperson said: "We're delighted that dog and owner are reunited."

Thameslink was first alerted to the incident after one of its drivers saw a dog on the line at around 8.25am.

Following trains were subsequently advised to proceed at caution, causing delays of up to 10 minutes.

When the dog could at first not be found, services resumed at normal speeds 20 minutes later.

In an initial tweet, Thameslink said that trains might be delayed due to “animals” on the line.

This prompted surprised responses on Twitter, with one user commenting: “Animals on the railway at St Pancras? Really? It must be someone’s pet surely.”

Thameslink said that depending on the length of customers’ delay, they could be entitled to compensation.