White staff at Camden Council earn 13% more on average than staff from other ethnicity backgrounds, new analysis shows.

The mean ethnicity pay gap figures released by Camden Council for 2021-22 are largely in line with data from the previous financial year.

Camden Council said that representation of Black, Asian and other ethnicity staff has increased across the board, but admitted that “there is still much more that we need to do as an organisation”.

The council’s pay gap report also found that women are paid slightly more by the council than men (1.2%).

In 2021-2022, the mean disability pay gap was 2% in favour of those without a declared disability, a decrease from the 3.5% gap reported the previous year.

Alongside its pay figures, Camden published a report into its gender pension gap, claiming to be the first local authority to do so.

The report found that for every £1 of pension paid to men, women receive 75p.

Camden Council analysis suggested that this “is likely caused by historic gender inequalities in the workplace and across society”.

Jo Brown, Camden Council’s director of people and inclusion, said: “We have been voluntarily reporting our gender, ethnicity and disability pay gap since 2015, and we continue to be one of only a few organisations that continue to go beyond the statutory reporting requirements.

“This year we are proud to be going even further by becoming the first local authority to publish our pension gender gap alongside this report.

“We believe that by shining a light on any disparity in pay and pensions you can acknowledge the issues that exist and begin to talk about how to fix them.

 “We know that there is still much more that we need to do as an organisation - our key priorities are to keep increasing representation across the Council, close any remaining pay gaps, and ensure that work towards equality continues to support our staff beyond retirement.

“However, we are pleased to see that the work we have been doing so far is beginning to have a positive impact, with the representation of staff from Black, Asian and Other Ethnicity groups increasing at all levels, our disability pay gap decreasing once again, and continued progress towards closing pay gaps.”

The pension gender gap report contained analysis of staff enrolled in the Local Government Pension Scheme, which includes Council staff and staff employed in local authority schools in Camden.

The pay gap report analysed Camden Council staff only.