Wetherby Senior School is hosting an open evening in May, enabling more prospective pupils and parents to visit its Marylebone home.

An independent boys’ school, Wetherby Senior’s main entry points are Year 7 (11+) and Year 9 (13+), and it boasts a thriving and successful sixth form.

Applications and enrolments have grown steadily since the School opened in 2015 and, from autumn 2023, all candidates will undertake a new bespoke entrance assessment, in partnership with ATOM Learning.

Joe Silvester, Wetherby Senior’s headmaster, explains: “We are delighted to work with industry leaders, ATOM Learning, on our fair and fun assessment.

“We know prospective pupils sit a number of entrance exams, including multi-stage exams for some schools, so wish to avoid fatigue with just one online assessment for Wetherby Senior, that is slightly shorter than our current test.

“Our new assessment will provide high quality data, as we examine English, maths, and reasoning, plus creativity and problem-solving via inventive and original challenges.

“Our assessment should give prospective pupils a chance to shine. We’re looking for boys with an independence of mind, who want to engage with our community, and who are keen to learn and grow.

“Pupils are encouraged to thrive - academically and socially - at Wetherby Senior, thus providing an excellent basis for future success.”

Wetherby Senior is academically ambitious for all pupils. Starting from Year 11 – much earlier than most schools – boys are assigned a member of Wetherby Senior’s university advisor team, and receive personalised guidance on courses, universities, and additional work to support college applications.

Mr Silvester added: “Our fantastic results speak for themselves – 87% of sixth formers secured their first-choice university in 2022, and 97% their first- or second-choice.

“Of those staying in the UK, 76% joined Russell Group universities like Imperial College, King’s College, Edinburgh and Durham.

"However, since 47% applied abroad, we saw alumni join Ivy League institution Pennsylvania, other top universities across North America (including NYU, Berkeley, and Toronto), and world-leading institutions on continental Europe, like Bocconi.”

Current Year 13, Ben, has an offer to read international relations at the University of Cambridge this autumn.

He said: “Throughout my time at Wetherby Senior, I have been impressed by how teachers and specialist staff go above and beyond to encourage pupils, and I am incredibly proud of how far I have come at Wetherby Senior.”

Register for Wetherby Senior’s open evening on Wednesday May 3 at: wetherbysenior.co.uk