HS2 is cutting down 12 or 14 of the remaining trees in Euston Square gardens, leaving just one. The biggest was a London plane over 5m in circumference, and was saved five years ago, to no avail.

Again they are ignoring the community need for trees to clean some of the air pollution, to soothe our mind and spirit with their greenness and, ignoring the need for the planet for every tree we can possibly save, to ameliorate the climate and ecological emergency.

They will fell another seven or nine trees along the Euston Road.

Ham & High:

Yet a London Square like Euston Square Gardens is to be returned to community use when HS2 is gone, and they already have an area the size of Trafalgar Square to develop.

HS2 has an injunction 140 miles long to stop tree protectors and climate activists from saving any more trees - shame on them.

It is heartbreaking to see our trees chainsawed to oblivion. Our only real hope is to engage Camden Council in protecting the interests of residents.

Our Parliament permits raw sewage to be pumped into our rivers, and our London water from the Colne Valley to be contaminated with chemicals.

Meanwhile, the Government is allowing the water companies to regularly pump unbelievable quantities of sewage into our rivers, the companies they own to contaminate our drinking water - UK rivers and beaches need protection. 

Join the protest against 'Dirty Water' in Parliament Square at midday on Monday, March 13. 

A Viking long boat (converted lifeboat actually) was seen on the Thames outside Parliament asking MPs to stop the degradation of our waterways. An even smaller craft, the Water Police launch, escorted the Sea Shepherd 2, which had a band of drummers onboard and a banner as its sail.

It will take more than this to stop profiteering from the pollution of our rivers, but we are all agreed we want access to clean water to remain amongst our human rights.

Dorothea Hackman is chair of the Camden Civic Society.