Last year Croydon Council declared bankruptcy. This was followed shortly by another council, Thurrock.

These are not the only councils to go bankrupt and, unless the Government acts now, they won’t be the last. After 13 years of austerity measures from successive Conservative governments, councils up and down the country are on the brink.

Despite the challenges ahead, the council is ambitious for Haringey’s future.

Ham & High: Cllr Sarah Williams is pleased Haringey has delivered a balanced budgetCllr Sarah Williams is pleased Haringey has delivered a balanced budget (Image: Haringey Council)

We want to be a net zero emissions borough, with 400 more electric vehicle charging points, 60 'school streets' and 10,000 more trees by 2030. We are building 3,000 council homes by 2031 whilst also ensuring 50% of new homes are truly affordable.

We are investing in our high streets and small businesses, and celebrating our diverse cultures. All the while we are meeting the growing needs of our most vulnerable residents and tackling inequality – all in the name of building a fairer, greener borough.

I’m pleased that Haringey has once again delivered a balanced budget and, as a council that takes its financial responsibilities very seriously, we are planning for the future so that we can face the difficult years ahead with more confidence. This hasn’t been easy; every year local government is being asked to do more with less, and we are facing astronomical inflationary pressures.

Despite the lack of long-term, sustainable funding from central government, our 2022-2027 budget includes additional resources to address priority issues, such as committing more than £12 million to support our most vulnerable residents’ day-to-day needs.

We are continuing our council tax support scheme which helps those most in need reduce the cost of their council tax bill, as well as our Cost-of-Living support programme for residents and businesses.

We are only able to do all of this by increasing Council Tax – by 2.99%, plus the 2% Adult Social Care precept – which is an increase well below inflation. If we do not increase council tax, we are in real danger of having to make even harder budget choices.

We know that many people are facing a squeeze on their incomes from rising prices, so if you are struggling to make ends meet, please visit: to see the range of support and advice available including, the Haringey Support Fund and extended free school meal entitlement.

Cllr Sarah Williams is cabinet member for Finance and Local Investment, Haringey Council