Six months after a desperate call for repairs to keep his son safe, a disabled father's West Hampstead flat remains the same.

Michael (not his real name) has been battling Camden Council for more than two years over issues at the one-bedroom flat he shares with his 12-year-old daughter and autistic son.  

His seven-year-old son is severely autistic, non-verbal and has sensory difficulties and limited safety awareness.

In February 2020 his head went through the kitchen window while his father's back was turned.

When the Ham&High went to visit the property in July, the window was still boarded up and all other windows in the one-bedroom flat closed when he is home.

There was also a promise to rehouse the family in appropriate accommodation when one became available.

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In September the council installed a new sash window lock and two sash window stop restrictors but since then nothing has been done and the kitchen window remains boarded up.

"No repairs have been done, nothing," said Michael this week. "They said they would do all the repairs, they did only a restrictor bolt on a window. There are still nails coming through the floor."

He said his son has had numerous accidents, and it is "negligence" for the council not to prevent more.

Ham & High: The dangerously narrow spiral staircaseThe dangerously narrow spiral staircase (Image: Nathalie Raffray)


Since the Ham&High's wrote about his plight, the council sent a surveyor to visit his flat on January 16 and repairs will be carried out from January 30.

Cllr Meric Apak, cabinet member for better homes, said: "We have made a number of adapations required at the property and would like to apolgise to Michael for any delay in these."

Michael said he had been offered two properties by the council. One he turned down because he said the estate in Kilburn was "crack city".

The other property was in NW5, a postcode he expressly asked not to place his family in following a highly dysfunctional childhood.

He added: "I've lived all over Camden, from Holborn to West Hampstead and there are places I will not go back.

"I need to be near my son's school because sometimes the assisted transport breaks down."

Cllr Apak added: “Despite a couple of offers which perhaps were unsuitable, before we can make a specific offer and rehouse the family, we will need a home to become available which is also the best fit for them.

"Unfortunately, these types of homes are hard to come by. 

"We continue to stay in contact with Michael to update him on possible alternative homes as they become available."