A safety hub for anyone struggling on a night out has opened in Camden.

Camden Safety Hub was launched by Camden Council in partnership with the police to help people who “might find themselves in an uncomfortable situation, vulnerable state or needing some extra help or support” on a night out.

The hub will be located at 1 Dockray Place, NW1 8QH, Labtech’s head office in Hawley Wharf.

It is intended to provide a safe space for residents, particularly women and girls.

The hub will be open on Saturday and Friday evenings from 7pm to midnight.

Trained staff and volunteers will be on hand to offer practical advice about ways to have a safe night out and how to travel back home.

They will also provide water, access to phone chargers and help for arranging a taxi for those who need it.

Staff will be trained to look out for anyone who might need help from the police or medical professionals.

Cllr Pat Callaghan, Camden Council cabinet member for safer communities, said: “We want residents and visitors to enjoy Camden’s nightlife and feel safe when out and about in the borough.

“The Camden Safety Hub is a dedicated space for anyone who needs help at night, whether that’s help getting home or someone to talk to, and we hope it will reassure residents that if you’re in trouble, we’re here to support you.” 

She added: “I’d like to thank all our community partners who are helping us to run this project, as well as to Labtech who have donated a space in their building for us to be able to carry out this vital work.”

Ham & High: Abdul Hai OBE, co-chair of Camden Council's Youth Safety TaskforceAbdul Hai OBE, co-chair of Camden Council's Youth Safety Taskforce (Image: Camden Council)

Abdul Hai OBE, Camden Council's director of community relations and public affairs, said: “Camden is the fourth largest night-time economy in the country, so ensuring Camden Town provides a vibrant and safe night out for its significant number of visitors is of the utmost importance.

“Initiatives like the Camden Safety Hub, which we’re proud to support, should give everyone who comes here the confidence to simply enjoy themselves in a secure environment.”