A consultation into naming a Highgate junction after a Russian dissident has received a mixed response.

Camden Council launched a four-week consultation into naming the roundabout at the junction of Highgate Road, Highgate West Hill and Swain's Lane after the democracy campaigner Boris Nemtsov Place.

The ceremony, which the council is remaining tight-lipped about, is due to take place today (Monday).


The consultation ended last Wednesday (November 9). Of the 130 responses, 58% were in favour of the proposal and 42% were against.

Highgate Village Green Preservation Society set up a petition to stop the naming process getting more than 160 signatures.

Dartmouth Park Conservation Area Advisory Committee, Dartmouth Park, Neighbourhood Forum Committee also submitted responses.

Objections included the lack of Mr Nemtsov’s local connection to Camden and the appropriateness of the location. It was also called "a waste of resources", with risk of retaliation and the proposal being politically motivated also mentioned. 

Supporters spoke of the need to provoke thought, to remember Mr Nemtsov’s stand against Putin, to speak up for democracy and stand against oppressive regimes and the invasion of Ukraine.

Boris Nemtsov repeatedly spoke out against Vladimir Putin’s regime and campaigned to uphold democracy in Russia. He was assassinated in Moscow in 2015.

The council says it followed its normal street naming procedure, where the change does not impact on any postal addresses - which included a four-week consultation period and information on its website.

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