A free multi-purpose studio has opened in Kentish Town to help empower underserved and underrepresented young creatives.

InZone Agency, part of Creators House in Regis Road, is completely free for 18 to 25-year-olds.

The studio offers mentoring, therapy, studio time and educational workshops and learning programs and creates a hub where young people can collaborate and feel part of a like-minded community.

Batuala Alexander, founder and chief executive of InZone Agency, said he wanted to "give back".

“As a young man of colour, growing up in a council flat in Kentish Town, I didn’t feel like I had many opportunities, or even anyone to look up and aspire to," he said. 

"I was fortunate that I found creativity and sport at a young age which helped to shape me as a man. But a lot of people from my background aren’t always that lucky. 

"This has made me determined to ensure the next generation of underserved young people have more support and opportunities than I did. 

"They deserve it, and as a community we need to see them succeed.”

Batuala said he chose to support young creatives specifically, because the industry is growing exponentially.

According to UNESCO data, it represents 3% of world economy GDP and around 30 million jobs worldwide. 

By 2030, the creative economy could grow 40%, adding more than 8 million additional jobs. 

Facilities and equipment are expensive, communities are hard to build, and knowledge and mentoring is hard to access, he said. 

This means there are lots of barriers that are stopping young creatives from the outset, especially those from less privileged backgrounds.

Studio time can sometimes cost up to £100 an hour, with the purchase of equipment also running into the thousands.

Young people using the studio have access to cameras, microphones, lighting, stands, backdrops, music equipment, an iMac as well as educational workshops.

Creators House has developed a mentoring program that connects young people to industry leaders who will help them build a successful career.

It also offers free therapy for any youngsters struggling with mental health issues. 

“Creators House was built due to a lack, and young people telling us there is a huge need to be supported as a young creative," said Batuala.

"Our aim is to try and solve that.”