An investigation into a group of men spitting at a bus full of Jewish teenagers from Golders Green has been dropped.

Footage captured the incident when about 40 young Jewish people were on board a private bus passing Oxford Street as men swore, made obscene gestures and threw a shopping basket at them.

Shneor Glitsenstein, director of the Chabad Israeli Centre Golders Green, was on the Chanukah party's bus on November 29 last year.

The Metropolitan Police launched an appeal to identify those involved after the video was widely shared on social media.

But the force confirmed this month that the antisemitic case was closed in July after no progress was made.

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In a statement, the Met said: “The bus left the scene of the incident to avoid further confrontation and officers met it nearby. The suspects had also left the area and could not be located.

“Video footage of the incident was shared on social media and we issued an appeal for anyone who recognised those involved to come forward. Two further appeals were issued which included photographs to help with identification.

“The only names provided in response to those appeals have been eliminated from our enquiries. The identity of those involved is still unknown.”

Ham & High: Police released this image as part of an appeal after the incident. Credit: Met PolicePolice released this image as part of an appeal after the incident. Credit: Met Police (Image: Met Police)

The Met added that hate crime is “unacceptable” and that further investigations would be carried out if new information comes to light.

Now the Jewish News and Jewish Chronicle have partnered with the Campaign Against Antisemitism to offer a £30,000 reward for information that could lead to the conviction of any suspects.

A spokesperson for Campaign Against Antisemitism said: “Despite the video going viral and all the resources at its disposal, the Metropolitan Police Service failed to make any arrests and quietly closed the investigation in July.

“If even high-profile hate crimes such as these are not solved and the perpetrators brought to justice, what hope do the many other antisemitic crimes against Jews have of being satisfactorily investigated?”

Anyone with information is asked to contact or call 0330 822 0321.