London Zoo has revealed that birds made breaks for freedom on five occasions over the past four years.

On Monday (October 3) an endangered migratory bird attempted to escape.

The northern bald ibis flew away from the zoo in Regent’s Park after a loose wire in its aviary roof let it slip through.

Keepers responded to multiple sightings on social media and it was recaptured in Camden at about 1.20pm.

A ZSL London Zoo spokesperson said there have been five incidents where birds, temporarily escaped from the grounds during the past four years.

Three involved striated caracaras – birds of prey – escaping in March this year, June 2019 and January 2018.

A barn owl flew off in July this year.

They added: “During the past four years there have been five occasions where animals have left zoo grounds; four of these occasions were birds which temporarily flew away during the zoo’s routine flying demonstrations, designed to educate the public.

“These birds, none of which were at risk or posed any danger to the public, were all monitored by zookeepers during their brief adventures and safely returned to the zoo at the earliest opportunity.”