A teenage member of a group calling itself the “A Team” was shot in the forehead and killed after he went out cycling with a friend, a court has heard.

Taylor Cox, 19, was allegedly murdered by three young men armed with at least one gun, in an alleyway in Hornsey, on the afternoon of June 8 last year.

The Old Bailey was told the victim, who lived in Barnet, was a member of the “A Team”, a group associated with the N19 postcode of London.

He and his friend were riding together, each armed with a knife, jurors were told.

The alleged killers, Jaden McGibbon, Robel Michael and Sichem Mangituka-Mpelo, were armed with at least one gun, it was claimed.

Prosecutor Julian Evans QC said that when the defendants realised they were nearby, they set out to “look for them, locate them, and then attack them”.

McGibbon first became aware that Mr Cox and his friend were close by, and he alerted Michael, who passed the information to Mpelo, it is claimed.

Mr Evans said: “All three men were making their way, at speed, towards the alleyway that leads to Hornsey Rise Gardens.

“In the moments that followed, Taylor Cox was shot in the alleyway."

At least four .32 calibre bullets were fired from the same gun, likely to be a revolver, jurors heard.

“The other defendants lent their support and encouragement to the shooter, or shooters, also intending that Cox be caused really serious harm as a result of the attack,” the prosecutor said.

After the shooting, the defendants fled the scene, the court heard.

Later that day, McGibbon’s girlfriend, Dunia Oukili, allegedly rented a flat where he lay low.

Four days later, McGibbon was arrested at the flat and four fired .32 cartridge cases and two misfired cartridges were recovered from Oukili’s handbag, it is claimed.

McGibbon, of Warltersville Road, Crouch End, Michael, of no fixed abode, and Mpelo, of Sussex Way, Archway, all aged 21, are charged with murder and Oukili, 20, of Harrington Square, Camden, is accused of perverting the course of justice.

It is alleged she bought a new telephone SIM card for McGibbon, arranged accommodation for McGibbon and Mpelo, and transport for McGibbon and a change of hairstyle for him.

She also allegedly hid ballistic material and provided a false witness statement to police investigating the death of Mr Cox.

The defendants deny the charges against them and the trial continues.