After its plans were rejected by councillors, a developer has submitted another application to build homes on top of an Art Deco block in Belsize Park.

Freshwater proposes an attic storey on an existing building in Howitt Close to create seven additional residential homes.

Its previous application for a rooftop extension for seven new homes at the site was refused on August 3.

The property sits in a conservation area and among reasons for its rejection were the design, bulk, massing, height, materials and undue prominence that would compromise the main building and harm the character and appearance of the street and Belsize Conservation Area.

The proposed new units are self-contained with secure private entrances, Freshwater wrote on its application.

Comprising six two-beds and one one-bedroom flats, will be accessed via the main entrance and existing communal staircases, which would be extended upwards.

"Since concern was raised during the previous application three further design workshops have been held with officers at Camden Council, including the conservation officer," says the application.

"Specifically we note that officers confirmed via email on 13 July 2022 that officers supported the scheme which forms this application."

A heritage report from Cotswold Archaeology states: "The flat roof form of the building is uncommon within the Conservation Area sub-area and does not contribute positively to the character and appearance of the area.

"The addition of a mansard storey would address this by creating a feature that accords with the prevailing character of terraced housing that dominates Howitt Road."

The application has received a number of objections.

The Belize Conservation Area Advisory Committee (BCAAC) said the new application "addresses none of the concerns raised by
us about the previous application".

David Thomas, of BCAAC, maintained the proposed additional storey would be "out of keeping with the date, design and style of the original building".

He added the storey would "alter its architectural character by removing the flat roof which is a typical and characteristic detail" adding that it would be "obtrusive and dominate the scale and appearance of the surrounding buildings".

"For the sake of seven small flats the whole area would be compromised and visually blighted," he added.

"The proposal sets a dangerous precedent for unnecessary and inappropriate ad hoc addition of floors."

People can comment on the application until October 17.

Visit with the reference number 2022/3635/P