�Commuters could soon be alighting the bus at Steeles Village if the Mayor of London agrees to pleas from residents and traders to rename bus stops in Haverstock Hill.

Campaigners hoping to inject a dose of village life into inner city London have renamed the area between Chalk Farm and Belsize Park Steeles Village – after Sir Richard Steele, a 17th century politician and founder of The Spectator magazine, who lived in the area.

And they are hoping Boris Johnson, who once edited The Spectator, will support their proposals, which would see bus stops on the 168 and N5 routes renamed to read Steeles Village.

Lynn Whiting, 58, of Haverstock Hill, said: “We want to involve people in the village life, and an important part of this is letting people know they have come into the village. It would be a recognition of the important changes going on here.”

Mrs Whiting also revealed that the group had asked for a parade of Boris Bikes to be installed in the area.

Since founding Steeles Village last October, residents and traders have organised a Christmas festival, spruced up Havertsock Hill with bountiful flower displays and are planning to host regular art exhibitions.

Mrs Whiting, who has lived in the area more than a decade, said that the events have boosted trade by encouraging residents to shop locally, and bringing more people to the area.

“It will grow further once the area is officially rebranded with changes to the names of bus stops,” she added.

“This is probably the first new village in the middle of a big city that has been created. It is amazing to think that in the middle of the bustling city people are taking the time to come together and create a more cohesive community.”

Haverstock councillor Matt Sanders said: “We have a fantastic sense of community here. London is a city of villages. Steele’s Village may be the new kid on the block, but there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have a place on the map.”