It’s not exactly Bondi Beach, but that didn’t stop three daredevils attempting to surf one of Hampstead Heath’s placid ponds.

Ham & High: Surfing on Hampstead No. 2 pond. Picture: Ron VesterSurfing on Hampstead No. 2 pond. Picture: Ron Vester (Image: Archant)

Using a board attached by cable to a motor on the bank, and wearing a full wet-suit, one of the men skimmed at speed across the Hampstead No. 2 pond in a matter of seconds on Monday. But the fun was short-lived when the Heath’s police force was called.

Motorised surfing is an infringement of Heath by-law 13, which forbids the driving or riding of any “horse, beast, bicycle, tricycle or vehicle propelled by animal or mechanical power” without prior approval.

Photographer Ron Vester, who witnessed the scene, was fearful the pond’s wildlife, including three Egyptian geese, would be harmed.

He said: “He was being dragged at terrific speed over the water. It was so risky. I thought if a dog ran in it would get killed.

“You can’t allow that. You’d end up with all kinds of stuff going on in there – next it would be jet skis.”

The three men, who filmed their endeavours, were allowed to leave without being arrested.