Negotiations are continuing after plans were submitted to turn Camden’s Black Cap Pub into live music bar.

The Black Cap Foundation Campaign met with the lease holders, Ruth & Robinson Ltd, to discuss the future of the well-loved Camden building.

In an online statement, the campaign has said: “The meeting lasted over two hours and involved productive negotiation and strongly debated points due to some big philosophical differences.

“We have a long way to go still but for the next stage we have asked R&R to provide us with their vision for the pub so we can share this and get feedback.”

Plans were submitted yesterday for the building to have a Class A4 drinking establishment licence to “remove any ambiguity associated with the use of the building.”

The planning proposals explain: “Ruth & Robinson Ltd intend to create a unique, distinctive and vibrant drinking establishment which is welcoming to the whole community.”

A spokesperson for the company said they are keen for conversations with the Black Cap Foundation to continue so that both groups can move forward together.

Ruth & Robinson is a start-up business and owns other bars across London. Their proposals specify plans to “establish links with local suppliers and local businesses”.

The closure of the pub, which was an iconic venue for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community, sparked protests and vigils as the people of Camden fought to keep it open.