George Georgiou, 62, Toff’s fish and chip shop owner and a pillar of the Muswell Hill community tragically died on Monday from coronavirus.

Ham & High: Picture: James NeophytouPicture: James Neophytou (Image: Archant)

The number of tributes we’ve received honouring and remembering George is truly remarkable and testament to the massive meaning and happiness he brought to so many people’s lives.

We’ve compiled a list below of as many tributes as we can - if you would like to add yours, please send it to

In memory of George Georgiou

Ham & High: George Georgiou, 62. Picture: Deanna BogdanovicGeorge Georgiou, 62. Picture: Deanna Bogdanovic (Image: Archant)

Peter Kyriacou, Snappy Snaps Muswell Hill: “Absolutely shocked and devastated to hear the news about George. A pillar in the community, George was a lovely man and a real gentleman that was friends with everyone. He will be sorely missed. Condolences go to brother Cos and the rest of George’s family. Rest in peace x”

Kay Eracleous, KayandKompany Muswell Hill: “Beloved George was a dear friend to me. When his Cypriot father passed on the same day as my beloved Cypriot mama (2yrs ago in July), he called me to comfort me. In his hour of grief his thoughts were to comfort me. That’s the kind of dear friend and compassionate man George was. Coincidentally, his beloved father and my mum were laid to rest in the same chapel, next door to each other. George would make me smile by saying, “Your Mama and my Papa are causing havoc in the chapel of rest Kay, instead of resting they’re taking together all day and night about us!” We’d smile together at the thought... His words and kindness gave me comfort and strength. George, you touched many hearts. You were dearly loved and respected by many. You will be sorely missed. My prayers, thoughts, love and respect are with his wife, children, his brother Costa and all the family at this extremely sad and difficult time. God rest your soul in eternal peace lovely, kind George. Gone too soon, never forgotten and forever in our hearts. RIP Kind Sir.”

Ala Miah, Autowerke, Muswell Hill: “My memories of George are filled with both sadness & joy, sadness because he caught this terrible virus and was taken from us way too soon, but with bundles of joy because I can tell the whole world what a thoroughly decent man he was and still is as he will live on through his children. As a local business owner he was very much a pillar in the community. He always smiled at everyone he met and believed in the sense of community. Out of the two brothers he made much better chips, sorry Costas, always so crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – very much like he was. Sleep well George be assured we will all care for your family. I will miss him dear friend.”

James Neophytou: “This is so sad. Our deepest heartfelt sympathies to the family. Much love. May the memory of him be eternal. I knew George and brothers from our Greek Orthodox Church All Saint’s in Camden Town. My uncle was the priest Father Nikiforos. I enjoyed going to Toff’s many times. He will be missed.”

Ham & High: Picture: James NeophytouPicture: James Neophytou (Image: Archant)

Rachael Booth-Clibborn, Muswell Hill Creatives: “We met George through the Muswell Business Traders Group meetings and he was a lovely man with such a great sense of humour. He and Toff’s staff have always been great supporters of Muswell Hill Creatives on social media and on cold days when they have fed us grandly with fish and chips when we have held our markets out in St James Square. George’s death is a devastating loss to the Muswell Hill community and we all extend our sincerest condolences and deepest sympathy to his family, friends and colleagues. He will be so very greatly missed.”

Luisa Welch, Crouch End: “As someone who has lived in the area for 12 years, I am deeply saddened at the passing of George. When I moved to North London, Toffs was the very first restaurant I visited, that’s when I first met George. Big smile, great food. Toffs has been a favourite for many years. George will always be the heart and soul of Toffs when it reopens.”

Becky Beach, Muswell Flyer magazine: “In the January issue I told my readership about the horrific mugging that my 15yo son had suffered. George read it and then sent me a lovely text. It is so like George to get in touch and offer reassurance and to extend his generosity in the form of a safe haven.”

Mark Leveson, Muswell Hill: “I am completely shocked and stunned at the news of the tragic passing of dear George Georgiou of Toffs, Muswell Hill. Totally at a loss for words! George was always so warm and friendly. He always greeted me with his customary cheery smile and would come over to chat with me about music whenever I was eating in. Such a terrible and senseless waste of life. It will take a very, very long time for this terrible, terrible news to sink in. My thoughts and prayers are with his family at this very sad and tragic time.”

Ham & High: Picture: Deanna BogdanovicPicture: Deanna Bogdanovic (Image: Archant)

Jenny Bailey, Bounds Green: “I’m so sorry for your loss. I only knew George from coming into Toffs. He always made you feel welcome and would make time to crack a joke even when incredibly busy. May your soul rest in peace. God Bless.”

Belinda, David, Isobel and Jacob Goldman, Muswell Hill: “So deeply saddened to hear the terrible news about George. We have lived in Muswell Hill for 17 years and are regulars at Toffs. It’s impossible to imagine the place without him. He always welcomed us (and everyone else) with such warmth. Sending you are very best wishes at this sad time.”

Stuart Cass, Katya, Ebba and Mila, Muswell Hill: “I didn’t even know his name was George… me he was the grey haired man behind the counter at Toffs, always smiling and always a kind word. There would be banter about salt and vinegar or vinegar first, followed by the salt. Apparently there is a taste difference…..I don’t know if there is or isn’t but I do know from my interactions with George, he was a man who cared about people and our local community. He was one of those rare people who could uplift your mood - a small gesture, the right word or just greeting customers with a happy face. Very sad news… he was a lovely man.”

Morgan McGlynn, Cheeses of Muswell Hill: “I’ve known George since I went to school with his son Steven. George was a Huge part of Muswell Hill, everyone knew and loved him. Me included. From the day I bought my cheese shop, George looked out of me, supported me, checked in on my when I was poorly, brought me a bottle of bubbles at Christmas. He was the kindest man I knew, I adored him & I, along with so many others will miss him I so much. I can’t imagine Muswell Hill without him, I just won’t be the same.”

Marina Stylianou: “George was someone who you can trust completely ready to help in any way he could, and did many times. He was funny, loyal and dedicated to whatever he put his mind to. He was a family man, one who loved his wife Giga and sons Steven and Christopher very much. A person that wanted perfection in all things he put his hands and mind to. He appreciated ideas and never dismissed anyone’s thoughts about things they were passionate about. George gave his all to people - truly caring and listening to your thoughts and giving genuine advice. George and his beautiful wife Giga to me were a couple that I admired and loved dearly and are so loved by all of thier customers and staff in Toffs. If I was to sum up his qualities it would be dependable, honest, understanding, trustworthy, intelligent, kind-hearted, good-humoured, helpful, strong-minded - A man who loved his family. George will be so missed by so many especially me. My heart goes out to Giga and the boys - a true loss to all that had the pleasure of knowing him and being in his life.”

Dani and Zindo Mesquita: “I have been coming to toffs for over 30 years and remember George always with a smile and hello and asking how we were. We want to send our condolences to George’s family over this extremely sad time.”

Samy: This was heartbreaking news I heard from one of my close friends. Therefore I would like to share my condolences and tribute to his close friends and relatives. George was a great man and I remember growing up in Finchley, going there to get the BEST fish & chips I ever had, eventually working at Carphone Warehouse on the corner and finally getting advice from him for my own fish & chip shop I opened in North London. A true legend of Muswell Hill.”

Will Thacker: “I was a friend of George’s son Steven while at school. George was always such a warm, welcoming presence and a true family man. My family has fond memories of visiting Toffs on the Saturday chip run. George would always have time for us, and sneak us a few extra chips or a can of drink, even as we bantered about his beloved Chelsea. While I left N10 some years ago, I remember George as a great man of the community, a generous soul, and a legend of Muswell Hill. May he rest in peace.”

Maria Petrou: “So desperately sad and tragic. Always smiling always pleasant. Gone too soon. Condolences to the family.”

Stewart and Lesley Goldberg: “George used to say ’you arrive as a customer, but leave as a friend’. Can’t believe that we won’t see his smiling face again. Our thoughts are with his wife and children. Rest In Peace George.”

Alexander N.Hartog: “As a local resident who grew up in Muswell Hill I just wanted to say how sorry me and my family are for Georges passing. I was a Fortismere pupil and George would often let us flip a coin and if we got it right we’d get free chips and if not we would have to pay. He was a really important part of the local community and will be sorely missed. Please send our regards to his family and wish them all the best at this very difficult time.”

Frankie Schatz: “Just found out about our wonderful George, can’t believe he is gone, always loved coming in and having a little chat with him, it was wonderful how he knew everyone and always had time for a little chat, will miss him lots.”

Yasmine Viva: “I am so sorry to have heard of George passing, my thoughts and prayers are with you and her or hers family and friends. I have been coming in as a customer since I was a child and now come in allot for a takeaway as a young adult, George always remembered me and my face especially when I was away at university and came back, when I moved to Enfield I never changed chip shop and would travel on the bus. I am really sadden by this news and I couldn’t not email to tell you how Most certainly George won’t be forgotten by me or my family.”

Antonia Shortall: “We are so so sad to hear of George passing. He was an absolutely gorgeous man who will be greatly missed by the whole community. My son Oscar (now 11) has grown up chatting with George about Chelsea FC. We don’t get to go very often but Oscar loved comparing notes with George when they’ve attended the same matches. He will be devastated when we tell him that George has passed. I’m so sorry for his family’s loss, and for the loss of such a wonderful man for the whole community.”

John Troostwyk, Rachel and Adrianne: “I’m so sorry to read of you great loss, what a tremendous shock so very sad. Please send my sincerest condolences to the whole family.”

Sophie Merc: “I’m in total shock at the tragic news of George’s passing. He was such a decent man and he’ll be so sorely missed in Muswell Hill. I was in Toffs on Valentine’s Day evening with my mum, daughter and sister, ages 10 to 74. Naively we hadn’t booked. Our disappointment was clear when we heard the news that the restaurant was fully booked. George somehow managed to accommodate us much to our surprise. He went on to joke with the 3 generations of my family and make us all laugh and feel welcome. I wish I had been back to Toffs since February to experience his lovely presence and manner again. My thoughts are with all of George’s family and his colleagues who I’m sure absolutely loved working with him. I hope Toffs can go on for him but something will be missing.”

Paul and Kati Kay and family: “To George’s dear family, we are shocked and deeply saddened to read of the passing of your husband, brother and father. We are just regular customers of Toffs, over many years since moving into the area in 2000. We have loved Toffs from the start, and a big part of that was George and all the staff. My late father used to join me to pick up an order, whenever my parents used to come to stay with us on trips to London. It was one of the highlights of my parents’ visits to London. We even celebrated our birthdays by having meals in the restaurant. And all of this was because of the wonderful, charming, generous lovely man George was. He recognised my voice when I called to make an order, he called me Mr Kay (and whenever I heard that, I would think he was talking about my father!). We are really very upset and send you our sincere condolences and we honour the passing of a very fine man. Our thoughts are with you.”

Gill Dix: “We heard about George And send our very best wishes and condolences. My daughter and I were just saying last night that Toffs will be our first port of call after the virus. We are so sorry for your news.”

Esmeralda O’Reilly and staff, Crocodile Cafe: “George, we are deeply shocked and saddened to loose you this way. Our friend, and a friend to the entire community of Muswell Hill. Sending deepest sympathy to your lovely family and with a heavy heart we say a very sad farewell to you.”

Sammy Xrisikos: “Words cannot describe what I am feeling, I give my condolences to the entire family, God rest his soul. George Georgiou the nicest man you could ever meet RIP Angel.”

Tamar Nigogossian: “I was so saddened to hear of George’s death. I’ve kown him since I was a teenager, he’s been a constant of my life. I remember him as a kind and funny person, who cared greatly for others. I send my deepest condolences to his family. I hope they can find some peace in the midst of this awful crisis.”

Paul Kramer, Haringey Circle: “George was more than a friend to me. He was the most helpful and loveliest person I have had the pleasure of dealing with on the launch of the new venture that is Haringey Circle...Always so welcoming, helpful suggestions and a great networker and bringer together of people. He was the heartbeat of the local business community and they will feel his loss greatly as will so many customers to his legendary restaurant. We got on so well together despite supporting different football teams. A visit to TOFFS was a double joy – for both the banter and the batter – always cooked in matzah meal of course. Sending much love and condolences to Costas and the rest of the family. Wishing them all long life and may his memory be a blessing.”

Olivia and Simon Leich: “Dear amazing Toffs Family, we are sending you all our love and enormous strength to get through this impossibly hard time without your beloved leader, now he has left us and passed on. We are huge long term fans of the beautiful Toffs created by George. We will continue to come and enjoy the traditional delightful restaurant and hope and pray you have ability to keep going. Much love support and admiration.”

Martin Bell: “I am deeply saddened at the sad and tragic news of the passing of dear George. I was a regular with the boys from when they took over the business and can honestly say I went there for more than just the food. Even though I have lived abroad for the past 11 years, I would often call them (when Chelsea lost and Spurs won) and on my visits to the uk it was a priority to visit. Please pass my sincere condolences to all the family, in my religion at such a time on offers the blessing of wishing the family a long and good life. Shalom dear George, rest in peace x”

Jessica and Dan Rosenfield and family: “Incredibly saddened to hear the news about George. We are regular customers at Toffs and my 13 year old son went past the shop every weekday morning at 7.00am to catch the bus to school and they always shared a smile and wave as George read the newspaper. When my son was 11 and passed his exams he gave him a free Ribena in celebration which my son still talks about. My daughter and I would sneak in after primary school on a Tuesday afternoon and have regular chips order and a gossip with George and colleagues. We will very much miss George as part of our Muswell Hill community and we pass on our deepest sympathy and condolences on to his wife, children and family.”

David Gilbert and Mary Medyckyj: “We are sad to hear about George’s untimely passing in this difficult time. He was so warm and friendly to us, making us feel part of the family at the restaurant. He was such a lovely man and a bright light. Our thoughts are with the family at this time.”

Paul Tubbs, Roffslimited Muswell Hill: “I would echo the sentiments my friend and business neighbour Deanna Bogdanovic of Muswell Business traders group on George Georgiou. George was the most charming of gentleman that you could ever wish to meet. I am proud to have been his friend and this loss for me is particularly hard. We have lost something very special. My thoughts go out to the family and work colleagues of George.”

Jenny Taylor: “George was perhaps the nicest face in Muswell Hill. My heart always lifted at the thought that I might justify yet another fish n chip meal just because he would recognize me with a smile and make it more than a quick meal. He once spent a whole evening at my table while I ate, just to chat about his life and Muswell Hill in general, and I loved that personal touch. It was pure grace; nothing dodgy. A different culture that our own needed: a culture of sunny friendly openness, generosity of spirit, a huge warmth. It was one of the things that always made life in north London feel good. Amazing how much we’ll miss you George, though you won’t even remember my name. But I shall smile at you always, as I go past your place. Thank you. Rest in peace – and sunshine.”

Carolan Quinn: “Muswell Hill wont be the same without George, we are all shocked and saddened by his passing. Kindness oozed from his lovely face, he was very special. Sending love to his family. RIP George.”

Maya-Ashant and Gabriella: “We are so devastated to hear of your very tragic loss. We thank him for the smiles and banter and the lovely food. We send our love and prayers and positive energy to all of his lovely family.”

Laurie Gabay: “I would like to send you all my condolences and thoughts of support on the sad news of George. I have been a customer of Toffs for the last 7 years since I moved here and this has been a ritual with my mum and I to come regularly to the restaurant, or else on a take away. George always recognised my face as a client and smiled every time as a sign or recognition for loyal customers. He also used to come to our table and asked if all was ok. I am deeply saddened by the news and I have passed it on to my group of friends who also come once a month , there are 10 of us and we usually eat upstairs. My thoughts are with all the family.”

Alex Shoolman and Adam, Goldschmidt & Howland Highgate: “George would always make us feel welcome, give us a big hello when we entered and occasionally sat at our table to talk to us and relive all his wonderful life memories. Hearing his pride in the story of the journey of the fish he sold and how it got from sea to plate, was heart warming.

He was a true gent, a real character and will be very sadly missed.”

Mary Maxted and Malcolm: “To all the family of George, we were so very saddened by the news of your loss. George was always such a charming host at Toff’s and we can’t imagine him not being there. Our sincerest condolences to his family and all the staff at Toff’s. May he rest in peace.”

Sarah Hammond, Cosi Homewares: “A terrible loss for the local business community and village life. Pivotal in the set up of the Traders group, George was a genuinely warm and enthusiastic local business owner, no ego, always positive and helpful. We would have struggled to set up so many events in those early days without his input, humour and hospitality. Feeling so very sad for his family.”

Ed, Finsbury Park: “George helped me set up a local project when I was 14 and going to school in the MH area - he was kind and supportive, and I’m very sorry to hear what’s happened to him. It was always lovely to see him in Toffs and he’ll be badly missed.”

Samantha Kyriacou: “I’m absolutely heartbroken about the news of George Georgiou. I met lovely George and his beautiful wife some years ago through my best friend and have spent some lovely times with this lovely couple. A genuine, humorous man who is going to be terribly missed. A very very sad loss, taken away far too young. The families and community of Muswell Hill will miss this true gentleman!”

Katrina Balmforth: “I have lived in Muswell Hill for 32 years and my partner Phil has worked at Buildbase for even longer so he knew him both from buying fish and chips and from serving him at Buildbase. We always had a chat with him and gossiped about the area – last time we were speculating about why Foxtons had closed down and what might happen to other empty shops. He said to the customer behind me, ‘you don’t just come in here for fish and chips you know!’ That sums him up perfectly. George had rightly been recognized as a pillar of the community when a local artist put a huge portrait of him and his brother on the wall next to Sainsbury’s a couple years ago. I cannot imagine what his family and the ‘Toffs’ family are going through right now but our thoughts are with them all.”

Alec Folwell: “Deeply shocked and saddened by this most sorrowful news. I was a friend of his sons, Steven and Chris, and will always remember George’s warmth and preternatural ability to connect with his fellow man. He was a beacon of positivity - always had time for you, always there with a joke to crack, always there with a word of encouragement. I will never forget the times I had the honour of being able to join in with his family meals or events, where he would introduce me to new foods and make me feel so welcome. I will never forget George. My most heartfelt condolences and well wishes to all his family, particularly Steven, Chris and Kika at this tragic time. He will be sorely missed.”

Misha Anikst: “I met George a couple of times and it all started with a joke. We had dinner with our friends and George approached us and asked if everything was OK. I answered NO, Geoge was alerted and asked what’s wrong. As I am a graphic designer, I said that the space between T and O in Toof’s is wrong and promised to make him a new logo as a present, which I did. We became friends and always exchanged jokes. I will miss and remember him, it is a big loss and tragedy.”

Debra Silver: “Didn’t know George personally, only when collecting our fish n chips but always smiled, laughed, joked and was generally such a lovely, helpful man. Toffs won’t be the same! Deepest sympathies to all of his family and friends.”

Richard Jeckel: “I was deeply saddened to learn that George, such an irresistible force of nature, had passed away from this ghastly illness. I have been going to collect the family dinner every Friday night for over 20 years and once jokingly told him how many hundreds of hours I had spent shivering outside; he gave me a Toffs T shirt and I would always tease him about when he was going to get a heater for those queuing outside. To his wife, children and brother and all the Toffs family, this must be a terrible loss. I wish you all a long life and may his memory be blessed. Rest in peace, George.”

Katie Matheson: “I worked for George for a few years when I was a youngster. George and Cos were the best people to work for and it showed in how much their families loved them too. Such sad news. Pass on my love and best wishes to all the family.”

Brian Milsom and Svetlana Saitova: “To George’s family, we’ve heard about this sad news from our friends in London. We understand how hard is to lose a very special person. We wish you to recover from your loss as painlessly as it is possible. We’ll pray for all of your family.”

Bev Town, Andy, Georgina: “George made us feel special when we came to Toffs. We came to London to visit family and went into Toffs. Franco our brother in law works there. George was a friendly man and such a great laugh. Our hearts go to his lovely family.”

Robert Jones: “We were regular customers at Toffs and the queue was always a long one. Everyone behind that counter was always friendly and working very hard but there was just something about George’s ability to pick you out in the queue with a friendly smile and a few words of enquiry or encouragement that made a lasting and very heartening impression. You felt like his friend at that moment. As one of many such friends, I would like to send our sincerest condolences to you and all his friends and family. Muswell Hill won’t be the same without him.”

Jabbar, Tehran: “I am very sorry for George he was brilliant, I send my condolences to his family, colleagues and friends. We used to go to his restaurant for about 22 years since we came to London in 1999. I never forget his smiley face with his friendly restaurant. He also has a very good team. I hope they keep everything tbe same as his presence for Muswell Hill’s village and the others.”

Professor Augustine John: “It is with deep sadness and a sense of shock that I learnt last night that George had succumbed to Covid 19. I am in Nigeria just now but I want to join the Muswell Hill business and village community in sending condolences to Costas and all of George’s family. Although we live in Hampstead Garden Suburb, my family and I are regulars at Toff’s and always looked forward to seeing George and he too was always eager to welcome us and find out what we’d been up to. His premature death is clearly a massive rupture in the business and local community of Muswell Hill and as I said to my wife Joy last night, the published tribute to him in the Ham & High accords very much with our experience of him as a person and not just as a restauranteur eager to provide the very best service to his customers.”

Karen Daniels: “My deepest sympathies to the rest of the family. My thoughts are with them all at this awful time.”

Lawson family and Marion Kaye: “We will miss George smiling and his unique style of service behind the counter. So sorry for his sad and untimely passing, we wish all the family and everyone at Toffs, health, happiness and peace.”

Jane & Peter Tenenbaum: “We can’t believe that wonderful George was snatched from us so cruelly by Covid 19. The loveliest and warmest man with the very best fish in London (and beyond). An absolute legend. We are shocked and distraught. We’ll miss him hugely. Our love and thoughts are with his family.”

Julie Gilbert and Fiona: “Myself and my mum met George around 1996 through my mums work. He was a delightful, friendly, hardworking family man. We spent many a times chatting and eating at his lovely restaurants. We are so saddened to hear this news. What a shame and a huge loss. We wish his family well and sending them strength at this difficult time.”

Joy Fraser, NW11: “Mr Georgiou was an exemplary host who had the gift of making every guest feel as though she or he was his only guest. I can only imagine what a tragedy it must be for his family to lose him at such a young age to this merciless disease. My heart goes out to them.”

Tom Davidson: “I did not know Mr. Georgiou very well myself, but I noticed how polite and friendly he was with everyone when I dined at Toffs. I could tell that he had the ‘magic touch’ of a restaurateur: the equivalent of a doctor’s bedside manner. He knew exactly how to approach customers and how to serve them. I know nothing about football but he was clearly extremely knowledgeable and also knew which customers supported which teams.On top of that he supervised one of the very best fish restaurants in Britain. Toffs was always spotlessly clean, and the food fresh and cooked to a ‘T’. I also noticed how he treated his staff. I never heard him raise his voice or upbraid any of them, and I had the impression that they respected him, and enjoyed working for him. As I have said already, I cannot say that I knew him well (in fact I did not know that he was the owner) but I am shocked and saddened to hear of his death. He just looked so youthful and healthy that I would have thought that he would have been one of the last people to succumb to the virus. I can picture him now and I miss him already. My heart goes out to his friends and family. He will certainly be missed by all of us who frequented Toffs regularly. I hope that the family may be able to continue to run Toffs after the virus as a memorial to him. Perhaps it might be renamed ‘George’s Toffs” or ‘Georgiou’s Toffs’. I suspect that he might have appreciated such a gesture.”

Geraldine Fitzgerlad and Costakis: “Deepest condolences and sympathy to all the family and staff at Toffs so sad to hear the tragic news of Michaels passing.”

Alan Shulman: “I was just watching the London news and am absolutely shocked and devastated to hear of the very sad passing of George and send my deepest condolences to George’s family.

What a lovely kind human being George was, and to succumb to this virus at such a young age after building up a successful business over all these years. I have travelled every Friday from Bushey to enjoy Toff’s delicious fish and chips for over twenty years. I send my heartfelt sympathy to George’s family and all the people who work at Toffs, it will be so hard to carry on but you will for his sake. With deepest sympathy to you all.”

The Khetriyans: It has been an honour to have met George. His uniqueness was visible from how humble and respectful he was, we never thought we’d lose a brother so soon. George never failed to put a smile on our faces with each conversation, and we cannot imagine what his family is going through. He deserves the highest of statuses in paradise and I’m sure he’ll be doing great there. He will always be remembered as the gracious soul he was.”

Jenny and Lol Kosky: “We are so shocked and saddened by the news of the passing of George. We send our sincere condolences and love to all his family.”

Soulla Marangou and Pat: “We were very shocked to hear the sad news of dear George. He was a lovely ,friendly and kind man with always a smile. We send our Deepest Sympathy to all his family and friends.”

“We just want to express our sympathy to the family of this much loved business. He was always kind towards my children. May he rest in peace.”

Mandalena Stylianou, Kristopher and Leonardo: “I don’t know where to begin, it’s with great sadness that I’m having to write this message. Firstly I want to send my condolences to my Auntie Kikka, Steven & Chris for the loss of a wonderful husband and father. He absolutely adored you all and everyone could see that. His family was absolutely everything to him, we realised that very quickly. We met George,Kikka and the boys on a family holiday in Greece where we shared amazing memories full of laughter which I will treasure forever. George was a friendly, caring loving man, he would give great advice to me whenever I saw him. He also gave the greatest business advice to my sister Stephanie when she opened her hairdressing salon. I always saw George with a smile on his face and welcoming arms, a man with a heart of gold an uncle to me that I loved very dearly, and I always looked forward to seeing him. He will be forever missed, he has definitely left his mark on this world , a man I will always remember and smile. Sleep peacefully uncle George. Love to you all from the bottom of our heart.”

Jay, Hornsey: “A wonderful man who knew how to prioritise people. He remembered, smiled, joked and had time for a chat, however busy. I only met him a few times, but he always brightened up my day. If we could all try to be just a bit like George, it would be a great legacy.”

Stelios Stylianou: “Love you George you’re still with us larger than life with all your qualities.”

Lisa Constantinou: “It breaks my heart to hear such tragic news Huge loss He was a VERY good kind top guy. My deepest condolences to his wife kiga and his two kids, to his brothers Cos and Klido and his dotting sister Maria my heart goes out to you ALL. Tears falling down as I write this. He will be with his mum and dad, aunties and uncles. And has cousin Steve to mess around with. Until we meet again. With a very heavy heart. God bless our cousin George.”

Dianne Chapman and Tareena: “So sad to hear about George passing away from this terrible virus. I worked for George at Pizza Express Staines He was so very kind to me and my sister she worked for him in Muswell Hill Pizza Express, I stayed friends with him ever since. We have all have lost a wonderful human being. Regards to all his family.”

Marion Gray: “My family and I, when residents of Muswell Hill, always got out fish and chips from Toffs. My late Mother in her last few years came to Toffs every Friday. She struggled to go out and this was the highlight of her week. She enjoyed the great food and friendly staff as both George and Costas always used to talk to her. She was very touched when they offered her free meals for life once she turned 100. I was so grateful for the kindness and hospitality that George and Costas offered. We want his family to know that their friendliness and generosity was appreciated and will be remembered by many in the community.”

The Harpers: “Such sad news. A lovely man. Our hearts go out to Giga and his family.”

Lucia and Jeff Salmon: “A lovely man I have known for 21 years and although I never mixef with him socially, I felt he was “family”. My family will so miss him and we just hope that time proves to be a healer for his wonderful family and brother.”

Paulo Barbosa. Ana, Ruth, Priscilla & Giulianna: “We are absolutely shocked and in disbelief. George was a family friend for over 25years. His caring and generous personality always put a smile on people’s faces. Our heartfelt condolences to his family. He will be sorely missed.”

Lisa Zazzera-Vryzakis and family: “I live in Belgium, but I always used to come to Toff’s with my father and daughters whenever I was in London, so I remember Mr Georgiou well. He always had a smile for us, and even some good advice for my younger daughter. He was a lovely man, and he will be badly missed. I’m so sorry for your loss.”

Toni Koppel, SugarSweet Productions: “I’m so sad to hear the news about George, Costas’s brother, co-owner of Toffs. I only got to meet him recently when we started making these local business videos. He had a lovely sense of humour. George explained that Costas had the looks, so Costas was always the one to star in the videos. I had always thought that there’d be time for me to persuade George to appear on camera one day. RIP dear George. You will be missed. Such sad news.”