An eco-friendly business in Hampstead is encouraging locals of all ages to get out, explore and reconnect with nature, particularly with birds.

The eco-conscious Nokular produces season-specific bird feed and birdwatching starter kits in recyclable packaging.

The business was founded by Riana Thakrar and Matt Jones in May 2020 as their “gratitude and love of the outdoors only grew stronger over the past year”.

The business aims to make connecting with nature – especially during lockdown – something accessible to even the most inexperienced birdwatcher.

Ham & High: Nokular co-founder Matt JonesNokular co-founder Matt Jones (Image: Nokular)

Both the adult and kid’s starter packs contain a variety of items including a bird feeder, Nokular Bird Nutrition feed, a starter guide, child-proof binoculars and educational challenges.

Riana, 26, who has always described herself as "nature curious", said: “Over the first lockdown nature was something that was super helpful for me, as it was a really difficult time and I always found it a source of healing, help, joy and beauty.

“My mission and aim is to reconnect as many people as possible with nature and to provide the best nutrition for our garden birds.”

Ham & High: A robinA robin (Image: RSPB)

She said connecting with the natural world “does not have to be a ten-mile walk in fields” but can be as simple as hanging a birdfeeder in your window or visiting a park.

“In urban areas you see it as dichotomy and there is either nature or no nature – which is just so untrue,” she said.

Nokular has also launched a free app and Facebook page which allows members to share photographs, offer advice and form nature-focused communities.

Riana describes the digital groups as a “very supportive” space despite the nationwide lockdown restrictions, where there is a real “sense of connection and community”.

Ham & High: Tally, exploring a Nokular packageTally, exploring a Nokular package (Image: Nokular)

She said she wants Nokular to inspire a love of wildlife in children.

“Kids have had had such a tough time this year and they have had to be extraordinarily resilient," said Riana.

“I think nature, and the grounding in that, can help to give them a sense of certainty and consistency that will benefit them in the long run.”


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