forum+ wants to understand how the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown restrictions have impacted the mental and physical well being of the local LGBTQ+ community.

The information collected anonymously in our survey will be used to inform the work of forum+.

Specifically, we hope that this survey will allow us to identify which groups within the Camden and Islington LGBTQ+ community are most in need of our support, and the ways in which we can most effectively support them.

Since the onset of the Covid-9 crisis the LGBTQ+ community has shown its resilience and strength. It has been inspiring to see how people have supported one another and come together at online events to celebrate local LGBTQ+ culture, history and heritage.

However we know that social isolation, economic uncertainty, and increased anxiety all exacerbate the inequalities and discrimination that some LGBTQ+ people may still sadly too often face.

Ham & High: Tessa Havers-Strong says the past year has also demonstrated the resilience of our communityTessa Havers-Strong says the past year has also demonstrated the resilience of our community (Image: Archant)

In August 2020, findings from our first Lockdown Experience Survey ( revealed that most respondents experienced a deterioration in their mental or physical health over the lockdown, with half reporting deterioration in both. Respondents who considered themselves to have a disability appeared to have been affected emotionally and in general life more than those who don’t.

Our current Lockdown Experience Survey will take about 10 minutes to complete, and will close on Monday, May 10. The findings will be shared with local politicians, policymakers, and the media to ensure that all respondents from across the local LGBTQ+ community have their voices heard.

We are certain that whatever lies ahead, the impact of Covid-19 will be with us for years to come. Our commitment is to continue to understand how this is affecting our local LGBTQ+ communities, to share that evidence to ensure that LGBTQ+ people and our needs are highlighted, and to support victims of homophobic, biphobic or transphobic harassment or hate crime.

If you would like to connect at our online events or have any other inquiries contact forum+ on 0207 388 5720 or email For updated information please check forum+ social media and website: Twitter: @forumplus, Facebook: @forumplus and