The Michael Palin Centre is holding a special fundraising event for children who stammer.

The charity is hosting Christmas Carols for Children who Stammer on Wednesday (Dec 8) from 6:30pm to 8pm at its centre in Pine St, Clerkenwell.

Children and their families, alumni, colleagues, and supporters will gather in front of the centre for an evening of carols to celebrate the Centre’s charitable work and to raise vital funds.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic the centre has experienced a two-fold increase in calls to their national Helpline.

The pandemic has increased anxieties in both children who stammer and their parents during a time where many therapy services have been disrupted.

The festive evening aims to celebrate the centre's charitable work and to raise funds to continue supporting children and families in need of help with their stammer.

Monty Python star and Gospel Oak resident Michael Palin, the centre’s namesake said: “It’s undoubtedly one of the best causes I know.”

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