If you’re looking for a pick me up over the festive period look no further than the boogie woogie taking place Upstairs at The Gatehouse in Highgate.

Five Guys Named Moe is a breezy jukebox musical guaranteed to get your feet tapping and put a smile on your face.

Directed and choreographed by Mykal Rand, Clarke Peter’s hit show featuring Louis Jordan’s greatest hit is a funny, sassy performance of cool tunes and smooth moves.

Drunk, lovesick Nomax - brilliantly performed by Juan Jackson and his powerful, soulful voice - is heartbroken. Out of his radio pop five guys, named Big Moe, Four-Eyed Moe, Eat Moe, Know Moe, and Little Moe, each with their own distinctive personality. They attempt to cheer him up and help him win back the girlfriend who has dumped him.

Ham & High: Andre Coulson as No Moe and Juan Jackson as Nomax in Five Guys Named Moe Upstairs at The Gatehouse in HighgateAndre Coulson as No Moe and Juan Jackson as Nomax in Five Guys Named Moe Upstairs at The Gatehouse in Highgate (Image: Timothy Kelly)

Each tune tells its own story, with a blues, jazz or boogie woogie flavour, played by the laid back, highly professional five-piece band. Meanwhile Nomax is pleading "no more songs" as the Moes continue to dish out advice to great comedic effect.

Occasionally words in the medleys are overpowered by the band, such is the energy of the pieces, but this doesn’t detract from an evening where by the end of the first half the whole audience is singing Push Ka Pi Shi Pi and dancing in their seats.

The second half features more set pieces and a snazzy tap sequence among the dances. There are few costume changes and props enhance the routines as with Ain’t Nobody here But Us Chickens when they emerge clucking with feathers flying.

It's an exuberant up-tempo show and you don’t need to be a Jordon Lewis fan or even know who he is to enjoy this blow the cobwebs away bonanza. Let the good times roll.

Until January 16. Tickets £24, £22 concessions.