A man who lunged at a doctor with a knife in Whittington Hospital nursing staff accommodation has been sentenced.

Enver Francis, 18, of Clifton Crescent, Peckham attacked the NHS doctor on February 21 when Francis came to collect a PlayStation 5 games console posted for sale on an online marketplace.

When the doctor, aged in his 20s, asked to see the money, Francis tried to grab hold of his lanyard then punched the victim in the right side of his ribs.

He pulled out a hunting knife and lunged at the victim towards his chest, but the doctor managed to move out of the way.

Det Con Ishmael Donegan, from the Central North Basic Command Unit, said: “Francis travelled across London armed with a hunting knife after contacting the victim through a online buying and selling website.

"He showed no regard for the victim’s safety who could’ve sustained serious injury.

“I ask that sellers and buyers on marketplace websites be extra cautious when meeting individuals in person."

During the attack, a woman arrived in the communal waiting area and the victim asked her to call security. At this point Francis fled down the stairs.

Security guards gave chase and the hunting knife was found a short while later. He was captured on CCTV.

Officers from the Central North Robbery Squad identified Francis from the CCTV images and on February 25 they arrested him at his home address.

During the search of his property officers seized counterfeit notes to the value of £1,120.

On Monday - December 20 - Francis was charged at Snaresbrook Crown Court with attempted robbery, and given a 24 month imprisonment suspended for two years.

He was also given six months imprisonment suspended for two years for possession of an offensive weapon, and 24 months imprisonment suspended for two years for possession of counterfeit currency with intent.

Francis was ordered to pay the victim a total of £156.00 in compensation.