The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on our residents and the local economy over the last two years.

Right across the country we have seen the huge impact this has had on local businesses and residents, with many losing their jobs or taking significant reductions in their income.

Adult unemployment in Haringey, as a percentage of the adult population, is the third highest in London. The level of people out of work is still about 50% higher than before the pandemic, and with high unemployment concentrated in the east of the borough, we know these statistics only tell half the story.

Since the government’s recent announcement ending Covid restrictions, and as we finally return to some kind of normality, Haringey has been working hard to get our residents back into good employment and to provide positive opportunities.

I am pleased to say that we have secured a £1 million grant from the European Social Fund until December 2023 to support our residents and to improve social inclusion. This is being done through Haringey Works, the borough’s in-house employment service, which will be co-ordinating the efforts to assist residents into work.

The programme will help those looking for a new job by providing skills training, volunteering and work experience opportunities, and other types of support. Once people are in work, the programme will help to maintain employment with the offer of mentoring and other in-work support.

Ham & High: Cllr Julie Davies says residents the council will create tailored plans for residents to get a jobCllr Julie Davies says residents the council will create tailored plans for residents to get a job (Image: Haringey Council)

We are determined to ensure that our residents will be able to access a menu of activities through the borough’s job brokerage, employment and skills services (borough based and outreach) and specialist support services, including statutory services.

To help Haringey residents gain employment, Haringey Works will create new roles including a specialist violence against women and girls (VAWG) employment advisor and a post at the North Middlesex Hospital to create a pathway for residents interested in a career in healthcare.

Any resident in need of employment guidance can approach Haringey for a tailored plan to respond to their requirements and increase their chances of getting employed.

We want to support local residents into local jobs and to ensure the council plays a role as a major local employer. We want a workforce that understand the true issues facing the borough.

During these difficult times, this very welcome funding will play a major role in helping many of our residents and we are thrilled that we can offer this type of support.

Cllr Julie Davies (Lab) is cabinet member for employment, skills and corporate services at Haringey Council.