A public work of art uses music and GPS technology to create a "Soundwalk" across Regent's Park and Primrose Hill.

Composer and sound artist Ellen Reid hopes to illuminate the park's natural environment while encouraging self-care, mindfulness, and joyful artistic connection.

Backed by the Wellcome Collection in Euston Road, Soundwalk is a self-guided experience accessed via a free app where the path you choose through the parks dictates the music that you hear. Participants can explore at their own pace, triggering musical cells designed to harmonise with the natural environment.

The artwork was originally inspired by the pandemic and was designed to combat isolation and boost mental health by getting people outdoors into green space.

Soundwalk has previously run in New York's Central Park, San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and Griffith Park in L.A, with each installation tailor-made for the setting, featuring music by Reid and her Soundwalk Ensemble.

For Regent’s Park, Reid has collaborated with various artists including Kronos Quartet, woodwind phenomenon Shabaka Hutchings, and keyboard virtuosos the James McVinnie Ensemble.

Ham & High: Ellen Reid's Soundwalk is a self-guided walk downloaded via a free appEllen Reid's Soundwalk is a self-guided walk downloaded via a free app (Image: © 2020 Erin Baiano)

“It has been an absolute joy creating Soundwalk at Regent’s Park," said Ellen, whose work spans film scores, choral writing and opera, including her Pulitzer Prize winning music for Prism.

"This work of public art is dedicated to the people of London and is intended as a celebration of the individual and collective experiences that bring public spaces to life. There is no starting or ending point, there is no right or wrong way to listen, just explore with open ears."

Benugo is offering £1 coffees when presenting the Soundwalk app in Regent’s Parks cafés: The Hub, Espresso Bar, Broad Walk Café and Primrose Hill Café.

Ellen added: “I encourage everyone to make repeated visits to experience how weather, light, and music can change our perception of these landscapes. Most of all, I hope people will take a moment away from the bustle of our hyper-connected world to enjoy the beauty of public parks, and to spend some quality time immersed in nature.”

Soundwalk at Regent's Park launches on June 23 and can be downloaded free from Apple's app store or Google Play. Further details https://www.ellenreidsoundwalk.com/