The Highgate Newtown Community Partners have recently launched a new program called Positive Futures to help adults with mounting financial burdens.

Since its creation less than two months ago, the program has stated a commitment to assisting these adults by providing guidance on how to approach the job market.

They do this by hosting confidential meetings that place clients in conversations with specialist advisors in order to get a sense of an individual’s qualifications.

These meetings occur in an intimate setting one-on-one, after an initial consultation by phone.

The program also has the intentions of raising awareness about one’s benefits in the workplace and assisting individuals in dealing with one’s debts.

Although it is still in its infancy, Positive Futures has been receiving positive feedback from its clients who have recently taken the first steps of securing a job after enrolling in the program.

“When you start really speaking to people, you start to really gather what their real needs are,” said Justina Forristal, 49, Fundraising and Management coordinator at Positive Futures.

Interested parties should contact or text 079 6225 9349 to find out more details about Positive Futures.

Ham & High: Highgate Newtown Community Partners launches Positive FuturesHighgate Newtown Community Partners launches Positive Futures (Image: Positive Futures)