Alexandra Palace's iconic television mast will be lit green this evening to commemorate the 72 lives lost in the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, after the charity opted not to do so in 2021.

From dusk to 11pm, the palace's mast will turn green to mark the fifth anniversary of the tragedy, as it did in 2018.

Last year the charity declined to light it green, saying there was a limited number of opportunities to light the mast each year.

Councillor Emine Ibrahim (Noel Park), chair of Alexandra Palace and Park Board, made a request for the lighting of the mast and the item was brought as an urgent decision to the first Alexandra Palace and Park Board meeting on June 9. The decision was unanimously agreed by trustees.

Hornsey resident, Alexandra Palace conservationist and campaigner Jacob O'Callaghan, who attended the meeting, thanked the chair and the rest of the board for their “unexpected and very welcome decision”.

Ham & High: Alexandra Palace lit green in 2018 to mark the Grenfell Tower fire tragedyAlexandra Palace lit green in 2018 to mark the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy (Image: Alexandra Palace)

He said: “It’s an excellent start that the new Alexandra Palace chair should decide to revise that previous refusal.

"It’ll be five years since the Grenfell fire yet the victims and families have still not got justice. It was important that Ally Pally, which has itself suffered three devastating fires (in 1873, 1971 and 1980), should this year publicly show a beacon of solidarity with them all over London through lighting its mast."

Cllr Ibrahim: “We are lighting the Alexandra Palace mast green on Tuesday, June 14, to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Grenfell fire and to remember all who tragically lost their lives. Our thoughts also go to those who continue to be impacted by the tragedy of five years ago.”

The Grenfell Tower fire claimed 72 lives from a 24-storey block in North Kensington on June 14 , 2017.

A series of memorial events are being held across London.