Hackney and Islington people have named Finsbury Park as the place they feel most unsafe, according to a study conducted by the Hackney and Islington Gazettes.

The Finsbury Park area and surrounding streets were mentioned most often by the 300 such people who took part in the survey when asked where they feel unsafe in the two boroughs.

Other places of concern include Dalston, Mare Street, Well Street and Homerton in Hackney. Seven Sisters Road, which runs through Hackney and Islington, was another hotspot as well as Holloway Road and Essex Road in Islington.

Many other parks and streets were mentioned with several respondents saying all streets were dangerous, especially at night.

One resident wrote: "Everywhere is unsafe as the criminals have taken over the streets. I’m sick of seeing blatant drug-dealing, violence, public urination and all sorts of things. It’s like there is a palpable air of anger and resentment."

Another added: "I don’t feel safe in most areas but I feel sorry for young girls constantly being harassed on the street by men."

In the survey, the majority of local women, who responded, about 64 per cent, said they have felt threatened while travelling in local areas. Seventy-one per cent of men felt the same.

The most common reasons for feeling unsafe included frequent drinking and drug taking on streets, people loitering, poorly lit roads and quiet streets.

The majority of people taking the survey said that more well-lit areas would improve street safety in Hackney and Islington and many called for more police and security patrols on the streets.

Other solutions included making streets busier with open restaurants and shops, cracking down on petty crime and more CCTV cameras.

In response to the call for more police on local streets, Hackney's BCU Commander Det Ch Sup Marcus Barnett said: "We would all like to see more officers on the streets."

But, he added that the Met has been "investing heavily" in the growth of officer numbers across the capital.

He added: "The challenge Is to make sure we put officers in the right locations at the right times to meet demands according to our intelligence, according to risk, so that we keep the public as safe as we possibly can and reduce crime."

Some places named in the survey as safe spots include Stoke Newington, Broadway Market Angel, London Fields and Victoria Park.