Anti-lockdown and vaccination campaigners have set up a "lovedown freedom" camp in Hackney Downs Park after they were moved from Clapham Common last month.

Since High Court Enforcement Officers removed the group from Clapham, they set up camp in the Hackney park.

The group has been camped at the site, near Mossbourne Community Academy and Stormont House Special School, since July 14.

In response to the camp, parks chief Cllr Caroline Woodley said: "We’re incredibly disappointed to see that an unauthorised encampment is continuing to occupy and spread its anti-vaccination message on Hackney Downs – a place of respite, beauty and healthy activity where we want Hackney residents to feel relaxed and safe."

Ham & High: A protester who was reportedly demanding the vaccine programme be halted.A protester who was reportedly demanding the vaccine programme be halted. (Image: Twitter user Tab @mum_on_bike)

The councillor said the council's Parks and Green Spaces team asked the group to leave the site last week but they refused.

She added: "It looks as though they intend to stay for longer and this will make ongoing demands on our resources as our park staff and enforcement team continue to join the police in regularly patrolling the area.

"There is now a legal process underway and we will be working through it as quickly as possible."

The councillor urged residents to continue wearing masks to protect those who have not yet been fully vaccinated and encouraged visits to walk-in vaccination centres available in local pharmacies, clinics and community venues.

Cllr Woodley added: "Cases of Covid-19 are rising again, evidence to date demonstrates that two doses of a vaccine provides effective protection from serious illness, hospitalisations and deaths.

"It is vital, especially in light of central government policy to remove restrictions on how and where people meet, that the council, Clinical Commissioning Group and stakeholders can continue to deliver equal, free access to vaccinations and that the public are not mislead by scientifically and factually incorrect information at this crucial time.”

Met Police added: “We are aware of a number of protesters encamped in Hackney Downs.

“At this time the matter is being led by the local authority. We appreciate concerns from members of the community and local patrols are being conducted.”

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