Hackney crime figures have revealed hotspot areas for weapons offences with Dalston topping the list.

The borough saw 315 weapons offences this year, from September 2020 to September 2021.

More than 100 of those offences were for possession of an article with a blade, 19 for firearms and 14 for firearm offences with intent.

Just last month there were 22 offences, 4 involving firearms.

Police data shows the top five Hackney areas for weapons offences in 2021 with Dalston having the highest number of offences (23).

A map created by the Gazette shows crime incidents in Dalston were particularly high on Kingsland Road, with many occurring where it meets Balls Pond Road and Dalston Lane.

Hoxton East and Shoreditch were also areas with high weapons offences, with 20 incidents reported.

Many weapons were found near Old Street and Curtain Road, an area known for its night life, as well as Hoxton Street.

Hackney Central had 19 weapons offences this year with several occurring near the station and around Mare Street.

Homerton had 18 offences and Springfield had 16.