The Homerton Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) will be made permanent, despite opposition from more than half of the local residents consulted.

The council's announcement follows the release of traffic monitoring data which shows that traffic is down by an average of 35 per cent inside the LTN, and by 5pc on boundary roads - compared to before the pandemic.

This LTN is one of 19 in Hackney introduced to get residents walking, shopping and cycling locally more.

Cllr Mete Coban, portfolio holder for transport, said: “In making the Homerton low traffic neighbourhood permanent, we have considered the reductions in traffic and air pollution, comments from residents, and completed a comprehensive equalities impact assessment."

In Homerton, three traffic filters were installed in Ashenden Road, Meeson Street and Barnabas Road in June 2020.

These planters - placed in the road - aim to prevent through traffic, with only cyclists, emergency and waste vehicles allowed to pass through.

The council reports lower levels of traffic in LTN zones and improved air quality at eight of its nine monitored locations.

Traffic reduction measures are not the only factor at play.

The council stated on November 25 that reductions in nitrogen dioxide concentrations are "partially attributable" to how the various lockdowns have impacted traffic levels.

The local authority also reported an improvement in average bus speeds in the area.

During the scheme's trial period there were 1,425 unique responses to the council's Commonplace page, designed to identify issues with the LTN and help inform changes.

Car and van users made up the majority - 62pc - of comments and 46pc were from the local area.

In total, 37pc of the responses wanted all or some of the filters to be made permanent, while 62pc of people said none should be permanent.

Forty five per cent of people living in the area with E5 or E9 postcodes wanted all or some of the filters to be made permanent, while 54pc opposed the measures.

The two top resident concerns were increases in traffic and air pollution.

While the council's data shows traffic is down on average in and around the LTN, some roads, such as Glyn Road, Kingsmead Way, Roding Road (South of Ashenden Rd) and Homerton Road saw increases.

The council is also set to consult on measures to reduce traffic on Roding Road.