Hackney Labour has slammed Number 10 after senior figures were seen on video laughing about an alleged Christmas party last year when gatherings were banned.

The borough's Labour's health lead, Cllr Chris Kennedy said the prime minister's Conservatives were "laughing at Hackney".

He stated: "In 2020, we lost 303 friends, family members and neighbours to coronavirus in Hackney.

"Many local people lost loved ones and never got to say goodbye. I have heard first-hand stories from nurses at Homerton Hospital of people saying their goodbyes to family members over Zoom on an iPad.

"The whole borough missed special moments and gave up on a family Christmas."

The leaked recording of a mock press conference saw Allegra Stratton and other advisors laughing about a "fictional" Christmas party days after the event, which allegedly took place on December 18, 2020.

At the time London was under Tier 3 restrictions meaning gatherings were banned.

Cllr Kennedy added: "Like many other residents, I wished my mum a happy Christmas on a screen, not in person ─ the people of Hackney followed the rules, while Boris Johnson's Downing Street failed to.

"What's worse, they laughed about it and then they lied about it."

He continued: "They are laughing at every single person in Hackney who did their best to get through the pandemic, and are now lying to our faces. It’s one rule for them, another for everyone else.”

But Downing Street claims no party took place with prime minister Boris Johnson stating in parliament on December 8: "I have been repeatedly assured since these allegations emerged that there was no party and that no Covid rules were broken"

The prime minister said he was "furious" to see the now infamous clip and has ordered an internal investigation.

"There will be consequences for those involved if the rules were broken".

The prime ministers was challenged by opposition leader Keir Starmer who said: "Surely the Prime Minister is not now going to start pretending that the first he knew about this was last night—surely."

Ms Stratton has resigned as a government adviser following backlash over the video.