New data shows residents in Hackney are the most likely to cycle to work, whereas Havering commuters rarely choose to travel by bike.

A study published by bike company Quella analysed Department for Transport figures from 2020 to uncover which Londoners tend to commute on two wheels.

Looking at the percentage of each borough's population who travelled by bike three times per week or more, the study found - perhaps unsurprisingly - that inner-city residents were far more pedal-happy than those living in outer London.

In Hackney, for example, 18 per cent cycled three times per week or more, compared to just 0.3pc in Havering.

A further 24.3pc of Hackney residents cycled once a week, and 28pc said they cycled at least once a month.

Islington also came in high with 16pc of people cycling three times per week or more, followed by Southwark (15pc), Hammersmith and Fulham (12pc) and Tower Hamlets (12pc).

Redbridge and Barking and Dagenham both had just 1pc of residents cycling three times or more.

In north London, 8.3pc of people in Camden and 6.1pc of Haringey residents cycled to work frequently, as well as 2.3pc of Barnet commuters.

While 5.2pc of Brent cyclists got out at least three times per week, this fell to 2.9pc in Newham.

In Havering and Barking and Dagenham - boroughs with relatively fewer regular cyclists - Quella also estimated the cost of a weekly commute by train and car compared to that incurred by bike.

In Havering, using a bike cost commuters £7.27 per week, while an electric bike comes in at an estimated £24.84.

Using the train or London Underground to travel to one of London's busiest stations - Waterloo, Victoria, Liverpool Street and London Bridge - cost residents £51.98, or £83.55 using a hybrid car.

Travelling by diesel car, registered before 2013, was by far the most expensive at £151.75 per week.

In Barking and Dagenham, the estimated cost per week of travelling by bike was £7.27, rising to £24.84 for an electric bike.

Commuters using the train or tube spent around £40.81, and double that at £80.77 for a hybrid car.

For a diesel car registered before 2013, Barking and Dagenham residents paid up to £148.01 weekly.