A woman was banned from begging for money on Ridley Road for three years as part of a clampdown on anti-social behaviour in Dalston.

Hackney Council and the police have joined forces to tackle problems on Gillett Square and Ridley Road.

The council’s head of community safety and enforcement Gerry McCarthy said: “Gillett Square is an ongoing issue.”

He explained that the council has an action plan including enforcement and street population officers.

It is also working with the community to improve the area and has increased the presence of dedicated enforcement officers from Wednesdays to Sundays.

Last week, a court imposed a criminal behaviour order banning a woman from begging on Ridley Road for three years.

Daniel O’Sullivan, the markets service manager, told councillors that orders have been taken out against “very aggressive beggars, pickpockets and other known offenders of various different types of anti-social behaviour” on Ridley Road and in Gillett Square in the last two years .

“It has resulted in a much safer environment for traders, residents and shoppers,” he said.

The council has won just under £200,000 for CCTV on the two streets and is also working on designing out crime.

A report before last month’s planning committee said: “Historically, we have seen high levels of anti-social behaviour, drug use and violence at the locality.”

The council has just taken on a 15-year lease for the indoor market on Ridley Road.

Proposals include transforming the basement area and providing refrigeration, extra storage and toilets for the traders from the popular Dalston market.

The council said benefits should include a reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour.

Speaking at Monday’s corporate committee, Cllr Ian Rathbone wanted to know what help street homeless people are getting.

McCarthy said that a street population adviser and the housing needs team work in Gillett Square to help people find temporary accommodation.

He said the council works with Turning Point, with the community Share and Square project, to help people living on the streets.

“The very last resort is enforcement,” he added.