A man branded a "threat to women" has been jailed after raping a victim at knifepoint in Hackney.

Colin Richmond, 48, of Herbrand Street, Bloomsbury, Camden carried out the attack on April 23, 2020.

The victim had agreed to meet Richmond after she received a phone call from him, asking for her help.

But he became angry and aggressive, before grabbing her by the throat, taking a large knife and raping her.

She managed to flee the house and called police.

Richmond, who will remain on the sex offenders register for life, was sentenced to 19-and-a-half years’ imprisonment at Wood Green Crown Court on Friday - 4 February.

He was found guilty of rape in August following a two-week trial, during which he pleaded guilty to two counts of actual bodily harm.

In an impact statement, which was read out at court, the victim described how she had been "confident, outgoing and a sociable person" before the attack, but is now "very withdrawn, quiet, private" and "finds it a struggle to socialise, or be around familiar or unfamiliar people".

She continued: “I also have trust issues and become very anxious and find it overwhelming at times being in the company of others both male and female.

"I am slowly trying to rebuild my life step by step, day by day and know that I have a long and slow journey ahead but believe that with the continuous assistance, support, patience and medication provided I will again regain my love and appreciation and all that I have lost emotionally and physically due to this traumatic and no fault of my own situation.”

Det Con Rob Johnston, who investigated, said: “Colin Richmond committed horrifying acts of violence and is clearly a threat to women.

"He has now faced justice for his crimes, which sadly leave a lasting impact on the victim.

"I urge anyone who has been a victim of any form of sexual assault to please talk to us and report it. We have specially trained officers who work closely with charities and partner organisations to provide the right support.

"Please do not suffer in silence, because we are here to help.”