A rain garden could be installed to help reduce flooding in the De Beauvoir area.

Hackney Council has opened a consultation into the rain garden, which would link two parts of Ufton Gardens, is part of the of the council's Connecting Green Spaces programme.

The Ufton Road green link would not only create a new habit, adding to greenery in the area, but it would reduce flooding by catching excess water and letting it slowly soak into the ground rather than into storm drains.

Cllr Caroline Woodley, portfolio holder for parks and play, said: “Hackney’s Connecting Green Spaces programme aims to make navigating the borough a much more friendly and pleasant experience, improving road safety, planting trees and creating points of interest where residents can connect with nature.

"By greening the grey we hope to also provide wildlife links between our parks and green spaces."

The council's plans include cycle parking near the entrance to Ufton Gardens, as well as the relocation of two electric vehicle parking bays from Ufton Road to Downham Road.

Car Club Bays, which allow people to rent cars straight off the street via a Drivenow membership, would be moved slightly further north from the west entrance of the gardens, to improve access.

Over the past four years, the council has converted 1400 square metres of Hackney's roads and pavements into rain gardens to reduce the pressure of heavy rainfall on London's public sewer system.

The proposed Ufton Road plans have been made feasible by £100,000 funding from the council and £50,000 from the Mayor of London's Grow Back Greener Fund.

The latter aims to place support areas of deprivation, high climate risk and poor access to green space.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: "In London, we need to take bold action to ensure that we not only halt the decline of biodiversity in our natural environment but pave the way for growth and change.”

The new rain garden, if installed, will sit at the site of a traffic filter, located in the De Beauvoir area.

The consultation is open until March 23 and residents can share their views at consultation.hackney.gov.uk