Hackney people will take part in a citizen's assembly this week, to discuss the borough's long-term plans to tackle the climate crisis.

The citizen's assembly, hosted by Hackney Council, will take place on March 3 and plot out a plan for the next two decades.

It will feature a group of residents drawn from the council's Hackney Matters panel and aims to be "as representative as possible".

The assembly is the result of a pledge made when the council declared a climate emergency in June 2019, to deliver net zero emissions across its functions by 2040.

Hackney's mayor Philp Glanville said: "From the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel cars to the switch away from gas boilers, the response to the climate crisis will have far-reaching impacts on all of our lives.

"We want to make sure that residents know how they can influence our plans, hold us to account, get in touch with us with thoughts and ideas, and do their bit - however big or small - to tackle the climate crisis."

Cllr Mete Coban, portfolio holder for energy, waste, transport and public realm, added: "The involvement of residents is key to kickstarting a long-term conversation on the climate crisis, especially when we know the kind of changes in behaviour we all need to make if we’re to reach stretching zero carbon targets."

The council plans to consult on draft climate action plans this year. It also intends to carry out focus groups with residents following the assembly.

The citizens assembly will take place on Thursday, March 3. Find out more about the council’s work to rebuild a greener Hackney at: hackney.gov.uk/rebuilding-greener.