An 8,000 square foot multi-use space in Woodberry Down has been "hard won" for community use.

The space was built as part of the Woodberry Down regeneration project, one of Europe's largest, and it was initially meant to be used for commercial use.

Overlooking the brand new Spring Park and Woodberry Wetlands, the site has now been secured to provide social and community benefits for local people.

Ham & High: The new community space spans 8,000 sq feetThe new community space spans 8,000 sq feet (Image: Hackney Council)

Philip Glanville, mayor of Hackney, said: “The new space in Woodberry Down, has been hard won, and offers a unique opportunity for local businesses, community groups and social enterprises to place themselves at the heart of one of the largest estates in London.

“Offering this space as part of the Woodberry Down project shows that responsible regeneration goes beyond just housing, but also working with the community to help deliver a fair recovery from the pandemic and ensure local people are the first to benefit from change."

Community groups, charities and social enterprises are invited to put forward proposals on how they could use, all or parts of the space to support Woodberry Down residents and the wider Hackney community.

The council has worked with Woodberry Down Community Organisation to secure the space for community use.

Ham & High: The site overlooks new Spring Park and Woodberry WetlandsThe site overlooks new Spring Park and Woodberry Wetlands (Image: Hackney Council)

The mayor added: "We’re keen to continue to provide affordable spaces for social enterprises and voluntary sector community organisations in council-owned buildings. This is just one of the ways we’re ensuring that we are rebuilding a fairer Hackney.”

The space is part of a wider development which has seen more than 2,000 homes built in the area since 2009.

Around 500 of these homes are for social rent and 281 for shared ownership. More than 100 social rent homes are currently under construction.

However, despite new homes being built, the borough continues to deal with a housing crisis with 9,000 families on its housing waiting list.

To find out more or apply to take over the space, visit or contact