A Hackney councillor's remarks on Twitter have been met with fierce criticism after she advised a family facing soaring energy prices to "wear jumpers".

The controversy erupted when Cllr Lynne Troughton shared a tweet by twitter user C Wilding on March 5.

Courtney outlined how his daughter's family of five were told their electric bill would increase by £196 per month to £498.

He said his daughter's energy supplier also informed her that the bill could increase to £700 per month by October.

In response, in a now deleted Tweet, Labour Cllr Troughton said: "She needs to start using less. We are four adults and combined bill only £275. We economize. Wear jumpers. It's fine."

Kings Park ward Cllr Troughton published an apology on the social media platform two days later on March 7.

She said: "I am sincerely sorry for any offence caused by my tweet about someone's energy bill being £700.

"I mistook the original tweet as referring to someone with high energy consumption, without realising that their bill had increased from £198. I will check more thoroughly in future."

The comment was met with criticism with one Twitter user, RedHerring, calling out the politicians party.

"Labour is supposed to be on the side of the struggling," they said.

"The poor. The ripped off. The exploited. Labour is meant to be part of the solution - not the problem."

Twitter user Jack Faulkner, also commented on the councillor's apology, stating: "I'm voting independent in May.

"On account of that tweet. And the lights not working in my friend's building in Chatsworth road."

Another Twitter user, Nikkie, added: "Even if you did read the tweet wrong, being so dismissive of working people’s struggles is a despicable attitude from someone in your position.

"Who are you to say it’s fine when you don’t know their life and circumstances?"

Hackney Council was contacted and referred The Gazette to Hackney Labour.

Hackney Labour and Cllr Lynne Troughton have not yet responded for comment.