Hackney Carnival returns in September and groups are working to get more young people involved.

The event takes place on Sunday, September 11, from midday to 7pm, will have a youth area programmed by youth organisations including Hoxton Hall and Connecting All Communities, young performers including spoken word artists and DJs.

Manuela Benini, the carnival's artistic director, said: "We have begun connecting with youth organisations to develop a more extended involvement with young people in Hackney."

Ruth Collins is the band leader of Unity Carnival and Cultural Arts, a traditional West Indian Carnival Band that works with young people. As Hackney Carnival is rooted in Caribbean tradition, their performance will focus on the "Legends of the Windrush Generation".

Ruth said: "It's important because young people tend to associate Windrush with the scandal but we're celebrating the positive contributions the Windrush generation have made.

"We're working with the Caribbean elders, listening to their stories, to encourage young people to marvel in their culture and to be proud of who they are."

Sindy Mo, is band leader of the East Asian arts group Jun Mo Generation, which includes people of all ethnicities. Its performance will combine costume and pattern design with dance to create a routine that evolves from classical motifs to soca music.

Sindy said: "I like to mix and combine arts. Instead of just using Asian arts, I like to merge things together and show different cultures in different ways.

"We're trying to get new people and younger members out on the road who have never been to carnival. They might not be as comfortable performing in certain ways but we're showing them there is another side to carnival where they can be more reserved and still show off their art form."

Manuela said: "One of the most important things about carnival is sharing a heart beat while we're dancing together. We can all coexist and reclaim the streets because the streets belong to us."

Visit www.lovehackney.uk/carnival for more information.