School students across Hackney received their GCSE results on Thursday (25 August), having sat exams for the first time since 2019.

As with A Levels, students were told to expect the number top grades to fall to account for inflationary grading during the pandemic.

Mossbourne Community Academy

Students at Mossbourne Community Academy in Lower Clapton were "walking on air" today as they received their results.

Of all the grades awarded to the year 11 class, 15 per cent were a grade 9, 51pc of all grades were a grade 7 or above, and 83pc were a grade 5 or above.

A total of 74 per cent of students achieved a grade 5 or above in both English and maths.

Lena Kesraoui, 16, and Mayar Sabah, 16, both achieved grade 9s in all 12 of the subjects they took.

Lena said: "This is the culmination of the last five years, all of our hard work, so it's quite satisfying and meaningful."

Principal Rebecca Warren said: "Once again, the children have proven that they've got drive, they've got aspirations, they want to succeed.

"What's really important to me is they've got very clear understandings of how they move forward and what the next step is."

She added: "I'm looking forward to the future, to seeing the same set of children two years hence telling me what universities and what courses they're going to read."

Cardinal Pole

In English, over 80pc of students achieved a grade 4 or above and 64pc achieved a grade 5 or above. In maths, 72pc of grades were a 4 or above and 55pc were a grade 5 and above. 90pc of students taking design and technology received a grade 4 or above.

Kayleigh Fairman-Gillan, 16, received animpressive 4 grade 8s and 4 grade 9s.

She said: "I am grateful to Cardinal Pole for helping me work hard and get those grades. I am excited to be continuing my studies at Cardinal Pole Sixth Form."

Executive headteacher Jane Heffernan said: "After two years of teacher assessed grades, we were pleased to return to our tried and tested processes during the exam season.

"A rigorous preparatory period and robust systems during these assessments enabled our young people to achieve their very best, improving still further on our English and maths outcomes bucking national trends."

Waterside Academy

At Waterside Academy, 18pc per cent of students achieved five or more grade 7s and 48pc of students received a grade 5 or above in maths and English.

Olivia Majewska, 16, picked up two 9s, three 8s, three 7s, one 6, and one 5.

She said: "I am surprised and I am so shocked. We were so stressed."

Olivia added: "I came to this country five years ago with no English so it is completely unexpected to get an 8 in English, to overcome the language barrier."

Emmanuel Ologunja received three 9s, three 8s, and four 7s, and said: "It is all because of the school and what they provided for me. A month into GCSEs the school would offer us breakfast from 5.45am so that we could come in and revise. I went in every single day."

Headteacher Francis Ray said: "I think the results are fantastic; they show the hard work that had gone into producing them. The staff have worked hard and the students have got on board with what we are doing as a trust."

Haggerston School

Of students at Haggerston School taking GCSEs, 77pc of students achieved a good pass in English, an 11pc increase on 2019 results, the last year in which exams went ahead. 69pc of students achieved a good pass in maths.

Marissa Bodnari, 16, who arrived in England from Italy in 2018 secured 11 GCSEs, including a grade 9 in English literature.

She said: "Academically, I found it difficult in the beginning, but as time went on, it became easier and easier. The school provided extra English lessons, which really helped me."

Rim Aydarus, 16, who moved to the school at the end of year 10, received 11 GCSEs, with a grade 9 in biology, chemistry, maths, and physics.

She said: "My physics grade at the end of year 10 was a four, one of my worst. But now it's one of my best."

Rim will stay on at Haggerston school to attend sixth form where she will study physics, maths, further maths, and biology. She hopes to go on to study astrophysics.

Ciara Emmerson, headteacher at Haggerston School, said: "There are excellent outcomes across the board, with another standout year for our creative arts subjects."

City of London Academy Shoreditch Park

Students at City of London Academy Shoreditch Park in south-west Hackney celebrated the school's first set of GCSE results.

They achieved an 88pc pass rate in English and maths.

Some of the highest performing students include: Tristan Bailey and Lola Thompson, who both received nine grade 9s; Tomiwa Onigbanjo, who received seven grade 9s and three grade 8s; Phoebe Gaynor, who received eight grade 9s and two grade 8s; and Nuha Ahmed who received eight grade 9s and one grade 8.

Headteacher Holly Arles said: "This is a very special year as we celebrate our first ever GCSE results and we could not be happier.

"Our year 11 students have recorded exceptional grades, enabling them to progress onto the next stages of their lives."

She added: "They have dealt admirably with the challenges of the pandemic and the ripple effects of it."

"These are absolutely exceptional results by any standard and we are hugely proud of our students' endeavours."

The City Academy, Hackney

More students than ever before (55pc) gained a grade 5 or above in both English and maths at The City Academy.

In English, 72pc received a grade 5 or above, and 83pc of students achieved a grade 4 or above.

In maths, 60pc received a grade 5 or above and 77pc a grade 4 or above.

Reyes-Chiara Rodolfi,16, gained four 9s, four 8s, and two 7s and she now has a full scholarship to attend United World College, Atlantic.

Anna Nguyen, 16, received three 8s, three 7s, two 6s, and one 4 and is hoping to go into dentistry in the future.

Mark Malcolm, principal of the school, said: "It's a pleasure to be able to celebrate such success with students today. Seeing students meet the high expectations we have set for them is always special but as I retire, making this my last results day, I will remember it as one of the most positive of my career."

The Urswick School

Students at The Urswick School, in central Hackney, received results that were 12pc higher than in 2019. The results were also higher than last year, when the grades were based on on predictions submitted by teachers.

Jeyda Copeland, 16, achieved nine GCSEs, including grade 8s in both English and maths.

Jeyda said: "I'm thankful for The Urswick School for providing a safe space for education. I am also so proud of myself; the hard work I put in paid off."

Other highlights include head girl Anisa Begum, 16, who achieved six GCSEs at grade 7 or above. Marci Pieroni achieved eight GCSEs at grade 7 or above with a grade 9 in English and Spanish.

Richard Brown, the executive headteacher, said: "These are our best GCSE results since the new 1 to 9 grading system was introduced.

"Given everything that these young people and their teachers have been through during the pandemic, this is a fantastic achievement."

Our Lady's Catholic High School

The students at Our Lady's Catholic High School celebrated a "fantastic" GCSE results day.

83pc of students secured a grade 4 or above in English and 70pc secured the same in maths. Art, further maths, sociology, Spanish, and textiles also had standout performances.

Deidona Ujeneza achieved six grade 9s, two grade 8s, and one grade 7 whilst Enebo Abakpa gained eight qualifications ranging from grades 7 to 9.

Enebo said: "I'm overwhelmed by these results. It took real dedication and hard work in all my subjects every day, using the local library as much as I possibly could. I'm going to study all three sciences at A-Level as I hope to study medicine at university."

Headteacher, Andy English, commented: "I could not be prouder of this incredible group of young women. You get out what you put in and their relentless commitment to excellence and desire to succeed has led them to their point.

"Knowing this year group, I am not in the least bit surprised by what we have seen from these results."

Clapton Girls' Academy

At Clapton Girls' Academy, 70pc of students received a grade 5 or above in English and maths and 83pc received a grade 4 or above in the same subjects.

Top performing students include Hetty Amis-Woods, Nico Dietz, and Scarlett Nathan-Palmer, who each achieved ten grade 9s. Josie Ellis managed to score full marks in her GCSE English literature.

Phoebe Toft received nine grade 9s.

She said: "I was really surprised with how well I've done. The extra help from the teachers before and after school made such a difference to my grades."

Headteacher Anna Feltham said: "We are incredibly proud of every single one of the year 11 students. The last two years have been really challenging for them and they have repeatedly impressed us with their commitment, resilience, and support for each other.

"I look forward to seeing amazing things from them in year 12."