Year 11 students in Camden, Barnet and Haringey will find out their GCSE results on Thursday (August 25), and we'll be bringing the latest news as it comes in from the schools.

After a two-year hiatus grades are once again be based on exams, with overall results expected to be lower than last year but higher than in 2019.

The GCSE grade boundaries, the number of marks needed for each grade, will be more lenient this year in recognition of the disruption pupils faced during the pandemic.

The results will follow the new GCSE grading system introduced in 2018 with grades 9 and 8 replacing the old A* and 7 replacing A.

Pupils are expected to get their results from 8am onwards.

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Acland Burghley

Acland Burghley school students achieved some great results with 49% of students achieving at least one of the top 9 to 7 grades and a total of 139 grade 9s achieved.

The school especially saw improvements in maths and science and recorded continued outstanding grades in history, French and Spanish.

Oscar Kriwaczek achieved nine 9s and Luka Culter and Sean Dodgson both achieved eight 9s and one eight.

Alexandra Park School

Alexandra Park School students bucked the national trend of falling grades to achieve the school's highest ever GCSE performance.

One in five grades achieved were grade 9 and five students achieved 9s in every subject.

Overall, 38% of all grades were 8 or 9 and 58% of all grades awarded were 7 or above.

In this summer’s exams 90% of students received a good pass in both English and maths.

In English 92% of students received a good pass (4+) and 90% achieved a strong pass (5+).

The maths department results were equally impressive with 92% receiving a good pass (4+) and 83% achieving a strong pass (5+).

City of London Academy Highgate Hill

Students at City of London Academy Highgate Hill achieved an overall pass rate of 99%.

The proportion of students achieving the standard pass in English and maths increased by nearly 5%, with standard passes in maths and English being 72% and 70% respectively.

Some of the highest performing students include Sarwar who achieved five grade 9s and two grade 8s, and Mohammed who achieved two grade 9s and four grade 8s.

Principal Prince Gennuh said: “We are delighted with the incredible sets of results achieved by all students.

“They have worked extremely hard; the challenges of the pandemic have continued but our students have shown a huge amount of resilience. They deserve the success that we are celebrating today, and we wish them the very best for the future.

“Thanks also to staff, parents, Governors, and our sponsor, the City of London Corporation, for their unwavering support for the students and the academy as a whole.”

Chair of the City of London Academies Trust Board Tijs Broeke said: “Our students should be delighted with their GCSE results today because their hard work and determination have been reflected in their grades. We send them our warmest wishes and congratulations, and our immense gratitude to the dedicated teaching staff.”


Over 20% of grades achieved by Year 11's at Fortismere school were a grade 9, which is up from 14% in 2021.

Overall, 34% of grades achieved were 8 or 9, 54% of grades achieved were 7 or above and 85.5% of students achieved 4+ grades in both English and maths.

Co-headteachers Jo Davey and Zoe Judge said: "It has been an unbelievable year for GCSE and BTEC results at Fortismere. In keeping with last week’s A level results, we are once more bucking the national trend for outcomes, particularly at the higher grades.

"More than 1 in 5 of all grades is a 9, the top grade and well over half of the grades a grade 7 or above, contrary to the national decline in top grades. 92% of students received a grade 4 or above in maths, with an impressive 82% gaining a ‘good pass’ (grade 5) or above, an increase on the percentage for teacher assessed grades in 2021. English also achieved remarkable results, with 90% gaining a grade 4 or above and 80% achieving a grade 5 or above in English Literature.

"These results are particularly impressive in a fully inclusive comprehensive school. These outcomes will ensure our students have the secure foundations they need to pursue further study post-16, the vast majority of whom will be staying with us to study at our successful and exciting Sixth Form.

"Such outcomes, as always, are achieved due to the dedication and hard work of our students ably supported by their teachers. Our students have shown such grit, resilience and determination during two exceptionally challenging years and we are very much looking forward to seeing what they will achieve when they are back in school engaging with their learning in September."

Haringey Learning Partnership

Pupils at Haringey Learning Partnership achieved impressive results in this year's GCSEs despite often having joined the school as a result of their previous school placement having broken down.

At Commerce House, in Wood Green, 80% of HLP’s Year 11 students achieved eight or more qualifications, with 30% achieving ten qualifications.

Star performers included Maryam Kazmi who achieved grade 6+ in all her subjects, including three grade 8s in maths and combined science and a grade 7 in further Maths. Maryam is keen to start her A-Levels in September and has ambitions to study medicine at university in the future.

At Pulford House, in Tottenham, Rose Hanson achieved a grade 6 in GCSE art and design. Rose is heading to college to study fashion and has dreams of becoming a fashion designer.

Gerry Robinson, executive headteacher of HLP, said: "We’re incredibly proud of every single one of our Year 11 students. Our students often join HLP feeling less than positive about themselves and their life chances. Our job is to help get them back on track, so that they emerge prepared to make a positive contribution wherever they go next.

"I want to thank our tremendous team of staff who have gone above and beyond to support our young people through this challenging period. Thank you also to our fantastic families who really do work in partnership with us. This set of GCSE results proves that, with the right support, students who attend alternative provision schools can and do achieve great success."

Haverstock School

This years' Haverstock School students achieved the school's best GCSE results in its history.

Twenty-nine per cent of all grades were grade 7 and above and 78% at grade 4 and above, which is a significant increase on all previous years, including 2020 and 2021 when grades were teacher assessed.

Among the top achievers was James Farmer who got eight grade 9s and two grade 8s and will be continuing on to Haverstock's Sixth Form to do maths, physics and computer science at A Level.

Imtiaz Rahman will also be going to Haverstock's Sixth Form, taking maths, physics and biology, after receiving eight grade 9s, one grade 8 and an A grade.

Mark Mayne, head of school at Haverstock said: “This has been an incredible team effort. I feel so proud of the effort that students have made through the past few years, and through these examinations.

"As always, our staff have shown great determination and kindness and have been exceptional in stepping forward and working alongside each and every student. We are delighted to be welcoming these students back to our sixth form this morning.”

Highgate Wood

Over a third of Highgate Wood School pupils achieved grades 7 or above in English and a third of students achieved grades 7 or above in maths.

Overall, 77% of students achieved 4+ grades in English and maths and 57% of students achieved 5+ grades in English and maths.

The average grade equivalent was a grade 5.3 and over 40% of students achieved 5 or more grades 6 or higher.

Headteacher Patrick Cozier said: "We are again delighted with this set of GCSE results. We are proud of how well our students have done, particularly given the challenges and disruption of the last two years. Our students have worked so hard, supported each other so well and now they have the chance to celebrate some amazing outcomes.

"This year group has achieved results that are broadly comparable with our highest ever achieving cohort in 2019, which is a truly remarkable success given the circumstances. Their attitude has always been positive and determined and we are thrilled for them that they have done so well. We look forward to seeing the vast majority back with us in September to join our successful sixth form.

"In respect of this and the excellent A’ Level results last week, I am also indebted to my staff who continue to show excellent commitment in supporting the students every step of the way. I am proud of them all and would like to take this opportunity to thank them publicly."

Hornsey School for Girls

Everyone from Year 11 at Hornsey School for Girls achieved the required grades for their next steps - for school, apprenticeships, or work.

36% of students gained 9 to 7 grades with over 460 grades 7 to 9 across the cohort.

Aaisha Faizal received ten grade 9s and said it was "unbelievable". She will be moving to Woodhouse College to do her A Levels.

Headteacher Kuljit Rahelu said: "I can’t explain how phenomenally proud I am of this cohort of students and our exceptional staff team. For three years this cohort of students have had the most challenging of educational experiences. We live and breathe our motto when we say ‘the better prepared the stronger’ and these results today prove this."

Chair of Governors Anita Yiannoullou added: "Congratulations to our students and families and our whole staff team. Another amazing exam results day in the hardest of contexts. Everyone can be rightly proud of their outcomes and how they’ve managed themselves during the last three years in education."

King Alfred

Many pupils from King Alfred School braved the rain to pick up their results in person.

Overall 31% of grades were 8 and 9, 52% were 9 to 7 and 95% of results were graded 9 to 4.

The results were strong across the subject areas with all students who took biology receiving 8 or 9 grades and those who too music, chemistry and physics achieving 7 to 9 grades.

The school's head Robert Lobatto said: “Congratulations to all our students. They have risen admirably to the challenge of the last two years, showing great determination, resilience and talent.

"As a school, we would like to see reform and slimming down of GCSEs – whilst it remains the system however, it is fantastic to see our young people achieving so highly.”

In the core subjects of English and maths the school's results remained strong, with 98% of students achieved 9 to 4 grades in English literature and 96% doing the same in English language. In maths 94% achieved grades 9 to four.

Alex Wahnon, head of Year 11, said: “This group of students should be very proud of what they’ve achieved under challenging circumstances. They have taken on responsibility for their own learning and richly deserve the grades they have worked hard for. Well done.”

Ormiston Beachcroft Academy

Staff and students at Ormiston Beachcroft Academy celebrated their GCSE results today.

Principal Michelle Burgess-Allen said: “I am really pleased with how mature our learners have been throughout the exam process considering the challenges they have overcome over the last two years. We wish them all the best in their next venture, and we are very proud that yet again the academy has achieved 100% accreditation for pupils”.

Paddington Academy

Paddington Academy pupils celebrated exceptional outcomes as they collected their GCSE results.

Nearly three quarters, 72%, of students achieved a grade 5 or above in both English and maths, with 31% achieving a grade 7 or above in both subjects and 84% achieving grade 4+ in both.

In addition to this, a record 20% achieved a Grade 9 in maths and 22% in religious studies, a GCSE taken by all students.

A high percentage, 86%, of students at the academy took the English Baccalaureate, which covers five key subjects English, maths, sciences, a language and history or geography and 55% of them achieved this at a grade 5 or above in all subjects taken as part of this.

Principal Peter Jones said: "Year 11 students at Paddington have worked incredibly hard this year. They rose admirably to the challenges they faced and their teachers supported them incredibly well. It demonstrates how adversity can drive students to adapt and remain focused on their goals and overcome any barriers.

"At the same time, they have embraced the enrichment opportunities available to them and it has been pleasing to see how much they have enjoyed their time in Year 11. We couldn’t be more proud of them, and they richly deserve their achievements today as a reward for this.

“We are proud that so many will be staying onto our Sixth Form and that we have a range of pathways and qualifications that enable us to be an inclusive Sixth Form, able to serve our community and allow the majority of them to continue their education here and achieve exceptional outcomes.”

Parliament Hill School

Girls at Parliament Hill school celebrated their GCSE results today and overall 55% achieved grades at 9 to 7 which is significantly higher than the national average of 26%.

In English 62% of students achieved 9 to 7 grades and in maths top grade achievement was tremendous with 51% of students achieving grades 9 to 7.

The school saw success across all subjects ranging from excellent high grade achievement in science (9-7 grades) in physics 90%, chemistry 90% and biology 86% and across other subjects with drama at 73%, design and technology 67%, geography 58%, RE 58%, citizenship 54% and history 53% 9-7 grades.

Inika Sule, who achieved nine GCSE's at grade 9 and one at grade 7, said: "I am so glad it's over and I am really excited for what's coming next. I am excited for Sixth Form at LaSWAP."

Eden Bailey-Davies achieved six GCSE's at grade 9 and four at grade 8 and said: "I feel like I should never have doubted myself because I knew deep down all the hard work would have paid off and it did."

Regent High School

Year 11 students at Regent High School achieved the strongest set of results in the school's recent history, excelling in GCSE, BTEC, Cambridge National and VCert examinations.

The school's pupils achieved over 60 grade 9s, which is double the number of last year's 30 grades. Four D*s were awarded to BTEC Sport students, 12 D* grades were achieved by Cambridge National Business and ICT students and three A*s were awarded for VCert Child Development students.

Nadia Hussain achieved 11 grade 9s in biology, business studies, chemistry, English language, English literature, French, further maths, geography, maths, product design and physics.

She is the highest achieving student in the school's recent history and is most proud of her further maths grade. She will move to King's Mathematics School to study A Level further maths, maths, physics and AS Level economics.

Headteacher Gary Moore said: "I am absolutely thrilled by this incredible set of results. The results are a testament to the fortitude shown by our Year 11 students during an international pandemic. They have been focused, demonstrated significant amounts of resilience, and worked tirelessly to overcome the disruptions at the start of Key Stage 4 to triumph in the recent examination series. I couldn’t be prouder!

"I would also like to recognise the phenomenal impact their Head of Year, Cathy Burns, tutors, subject teachers, professional services staff, parents and carers have had over the last two years. Every one of these supporting adults is jointly responsible for the success that is being celebrated today, and I thank each and every person for helping our students to achieve so highly."

South Hampstead High School

At South Hampstead High School over 58% of all GCSE grades were grade 9s and 81% were a 9 or 8.

One student, Zoya Suresh, received her GCSE results in Hungary via email, where she is currently in training for the new fencing season.

The 16-year-old was selected to represent England in this year’s Commonwealth Fencing Championships, where she won a silver medal.

Today, she was celebrating another achievement - a clean sweep of ten GCSEs at the top grades, 7/8/9, with the majority awarded the very highest grade 9. Zoya is continuing her studies at South Hampstead Sixth Form, with A Levels in biology, chemistry, mathematics and psychology.

She said: “I typically train three times per week for two hours per session, with a busy schedule of competitions, so I’m very grateful to the support of my teachers at South Hampstead for enabling me to balance my academic studies with my sporting commitments.”

Headmistress Vicky Bingham praised all the students and teachers for their hard work in achieving such successful results.

She said: “I am so impressed with how our pupils have risen to the challenge following the disruptions of the pandemic – they deserve every success.”

St Aloysius' College

Two pupils at St Aloysius' College secured ten grade 9s and twelve pupils secured ten grades between 7 and 9.

The school secured 34% grades 7+ against an overall national figure of 25% and 85% grades 4+ against a national figure of 73%.

Headteacher, Paula Whyte said: "These young men have done us proud. Despite two lockdowns our GCSE pupils have proved themselves to be highly resilient. They were very focused and worked diligently throughout, supported by their teachers and their parents and families. Their hard work has been rewarded with excellent results which are richly deserved."

Two of the high achievers were Jabir Hussain and Mayan Maheswaran, who both secured ten grade 9’s.

Mayan said: "The school continued to provide excellent teaching during lockdowns and I felt very well prepared for my GCSE examinations. I will now focus on securing three A* grades at A-Level."

Jabir added: "This school has very high expectations and I was very well supported by excellent teaching and pastoral staff over my five years here. I can’t thank the staff enough for what they have done for me."

UCL Academy

Students at UCL Academy achieved above national average results in a range of subjects, including engineering and Mandarin.

Overall 30% of grades were 7 or above and many of the students will continue their education at the school's Sixth Form.

James Galloway achieved five 9s and five 8s with his best grades awarded in English, Mandarin and sciences.

Viola Muhaxheri celebrated her five 9s, four 8s and one 7 and achieved her top grades in art and design, biology, chemistry, engineering and geography.

Co-Principals Robin Street and Simon McBride said: “Today is about celebrating the successes of every single one of our students. In amongst the excellent grades achieved are so many students who have made exceptional progress from a range of starting points.

"That includes students who have joined us in recent years from abroad and others who faced a range of personal challenges outside of school. Results Days rightly celebrate individual success stories, but many of those are far more than just grades.”

UCS Hampstead

In total 16 UCS Hampstead pupils scored a clean sweep of grade 9s while 43 secured a set of grades 8 to 9.

The Hampstead school celebrated it's best ever set of publicly examined GCSE results this year with 53% of grades being 9 and 77% graded at 8 to 9.

Headmaster Mark Beard said: “I am delighted for this particular cohort, who very much deserve such fine outcomes. Along with their peers across the nation, they were thrown into lockdowns and remote learning at a sensitive moment in their lives, and so it is lovely to see their resilience and determination win through.

"They are also a thoughtful group of young people, generous with their contributions to the wider life of the school and to the local community. I look forward to seeing how they flourish further during their Sixth Form years.”

Samir Rahman gained grade 9s in every subject and will be studying maths, chemistry and biology along with German at UCS for her A Levels.

He said: “I’m so grateful to my subject teachers but also for the pastoral care. The encouragement and care of everyone certainly contributed to our grades. We also had a lot of fun over the last two years, not just in lessons but also in our co-curricular activities. I played first team cricket throughout the year, even during the exam season, and it was brilliant."

Jaren Ziegler also achieved a full set of 9s and had balanced his GCSE revision while preparing for BBC's Young Musician competition.

He said: “I’ve never pushed myself so hard as I did over the GCSE period. I wasn’t expecting to receive straight 9s but it was so worth it!

Westminster Academy

All of the students taking triple science at Westminster Academy achieved grades 9 to 5.

In the core subjects, 71% of students achieved grade 9 to 5 in English literature, 69% achieved between 9 to 5 in English language and 67% achieved grades 9 to 5 in maths.

Overall, 75% of students made the benchmark 9 to 4 grade in English and maths, with 63% of students receiving grades 9 to 5.

Shahenaz Mahmoud Ahmed got nine grade 9s and a D* and Masum Hussain achieved eight grade 9s, one grade 8 and a D*.

Masum said: "I felt nervous last night but these grades were better than I expected. I'm really happy. Online school was challenging as we didn't have the same resources, but the school managed to help us quite a bit, especially by providing Chromebooks which students at other schools didn't necessarily have access to."

Labour's shadow schools minister Stephen Morgan celebrated with the students and said: "It was such a pleasure to visit Westminster Academy this morning to celebrate with students getting their results. I met talented, ambitious, young people excited about their futures and teachers buzzing with enthusiasm. The results today are a credit to you all. I wish students all the very best with their next steps and the best of luck to staff as the new school year gets under way."

Principal Paul Wood said: “These students approached the exams with exceptional commitment and maturity and it’s a privilege to witness them enjoying their success today. Beyond exam certificates they should feel immensely proud of all that they have achieved over their five years at Westminster Academy.

"I must also pay tribute to the parents and carers who have supported students, particularly through long periods of remote learning, as well as to their teachers who delivered a full timetable of online lessons and support from their own homes at that time. It was a wonderful whole-community effort.”